How to Run a Successful Gun Shop 1


Owning and running a successful gun shop involves a lot more than first meets the eye. With many legal requirements and laws that need to be followed to attracting and keeping local customers, you need to know what you’re doing before you go jumping in head first. You need to have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make a successful business, and then understand all your guns and ammo. Follow these top tips and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Good Service

As with any shop, customers want to come in and feel welcomed and know what help is available if needed. Most successful gun shops are local ones, with local custom. Building a rapport with your customers will make them want to come back, as they will have the trust that they are buying from the right person. Purchasing a gun is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly – people look for those who know their stuff about guns and can make a purchase simple and easy. This is very important to think about when hiring employees, you need someone who is good with people, not just someone who looks good on paper and knows their stuff.


Barack Obama, You Really Blew It!! 6

It seems as if Barack Obama has continued in the tradition of Howard Dean insofar as being unable to resist the impulse to insult the working class. Dean, some will recall, said he wanted to reach out to those folks with Confederate flags on their pick-up trucks, and then turned around and lambasted social conservatives for their supposed obsession with “guns, gays, and God” or something to that effect.

Now, Obama steps in with a similar gaffe, making derisive remarks about working class people and their attachment to guns and religion and their hostility to “those who are different” and to “trade”. Read all about it.

That a politician as otherwise savvy as Obama could fuck up so royally is indicative of the contempt that liberals and leftists secretly (and often not so secretly) hold for working class Americans, particularly those of the infamous “white” species. Some writers have wondered why the Republican scam of combining social populism and plutocracy could have lasted as long as it did (since Kevin Phillips designed Nixon’s “southern strategy” in 1968). In comments like these from the likes of Dean or Obama, we have our answer. The Republican scam works, because the Democratic scam of combining plutocracy and counterculturalism is even more ridiculous.