Should America Aspire To Be More Like China? 2

A Marxist-Leninist commie-worshiper makes his case for Xi Jinping’s neo-Maoism. To Western leftists who want to live under state-communism, I always say join the military where you are guaranteed a job and all your basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, healthcare) are provided. Or if the military is not your thing, then go to jail or prison.

China is a source of serf labor for Western corporations, cheap loans for US debt financing, and, nowadays, a test market for state repression (e.g. the “social credit” system). Although I agree with him when he discusses the relationship between US imperialism and China. If you look at a map of where US military bases on located in Asia and in the Pacific, it’s obvious that the objective is to encircle the countries where the US does not already have a direct military presence (e.g. Russia, China, Iran, etc. the ones that are merely provinces in global capitalism and direct satellites of the Empire).