Month: June 2015

Frankenstein: The Ideal GOP Candidate

It’s fitting that a monster should be the candidate of the Part of War and Plutocracy “Brooks acknowledged that the field is using rhetoric “that’s not very libertarian, that’s a lot more aggressive on foreign policy than we’ve seen in a long time.” “Kristol issued a cautionary note: […]

News Digest June 30, 2105

SWAT Raids Wrong Home, Breaks Windows, Then Issues Citation for Broken Windows Free Thought Project Rand Paul Becomes the First Major Party Presidential Candidate to Court Pot Donors Rare.Us Hillary Clinton is a Gift to the Global Elite by W. James Antle III How Campus Feminism Infantilizes Women […]

40th Anniversary of Pine Ridge Shootout

By Ed Krayewski Reason Today is the 40th anniversary of the June 26, 1975, shootout at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota between two FBI agents who drove in with unmarked cars and several members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a Native American rights group operating out […]

News Digest June 29, 2015

Should We Lower the Age of Consent to Protect Teenagers? by Amanda Hess Congress Hopes to Tackle Criminal Justice Reform This Year Liberty Unyielding Almost 90 Percent of US Wiretaps Listen for Suspected Drug Deals by Brian Anderson The ACLU Now Opposes Religious Freedom Because Christians Need It […]

The Real War Heroes

Chapter 1 of the book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway “That must be them.” Petra took one hand off the steering wheel and pointed to a group of soldiers about two hundred meters away, standing along our road next to a high chainlink fence […]

California State Assembly passes resolution equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

The Zionist wing of totalitarian humanism strikes! By Annie Robbins and Matthew Taylor Mondoweiss School’s out, but that didn’t stop California’s state assembly from passing Resolution HR35 buttressing a controversial report commissioned by the University of California that accuses students and faculty of contributing to an environment fostering […]

News Digest June 28, 2015

Here’s How Much Corporations Paid U.S. Senators to Fast Track the TPP Bill by Nick Sorrentino After Same-Sex Marriage, What’s Next? by Robert P. Jones Should Religious Schools Worry About Losing Their Tax-Exempt Status Over Gay Marriage? by Jason Russell What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs by Sophie […]

News Digest June 27, 2015

Are Leftist, Feminist Kurds About to Deliver the Coup de Grace to ISIL in Syria? by Juan Cole Topple the Cult of the Presidency by Lucy Steigerwald It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy by Fredrik DeBoer Rand Paul Takes a Stand by Justin Raimondo Keynes, the Great Depression, and […]

Robert Stark interviews Aleksey Bashtavenko about Introversion & Extroversion

Robert Stark interviews Aleksey Bashtavenko about Introversion & Extroversion Robert Stark and co-host Robert Lindsay talk to Aleksey Bashtavenko about the differences between introversion and extroversion Topics include: How few people are purely introverted or extroverted but rather have tendencies to one or the other Carl Jung’s Theory of […]

News Digest June 26, 2015

Guest Column by Vladimir Putin by Paul Craig Robers No Joke: Iceland’s Pirate Party Surges into First Place in the Polls by Stephen Wolf Charleston and Gun Rights by Sheldon Richman Gun Control’s Racist Reality: The Liberal Argument against Giving Police More Power by Alex Gourevitch Rothbard’s Perversion […]

Is ISIS Coming to Damascus?

By Pat Buchanan Antiwar.Com That question, which has bedeviled U.S. experts on the Middle East, may need updating to read: Who rises when Assad falls? For the war is going badly for Bashar Assad, whose family has ruled Syria since Richard Nixon was president. Assad’s situation seems more […]

Reflections on Anarcho-Syndicalism

By Vrijdag 20 National Revolutionary Voice of the Netherlands Anarcho-Syndicalism is not left wing The terms “left”, “right” and “centre” are, in the purest sense of the words, parliamentary concepts. These “directions” within the political spectrum are derived from the perspective of the representatives in parliament. On the […]

What is Fascism?

By Woensdag National Revolutionary Voice of the Netherlands On the 23rd of May, 1919 the former revolutionary Marxist Benito Mussolini established the “Fascio di Combattimento” (combat union) with a small group of sympathizers in Italy. Until 1920 it remained a marginal group in the extreme leftwing of the […]

What Is White Supremacy?

By Elizabeth Martinez Films for Action White Supremacy is an historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations, and peoples of color by white peoples and nations of the European continent, for the purpose of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power, and […]

Are Wars Inevitable?

By William T. Hathaway “We’ve always had wars. Humans are a warring species. Without an army to defend us, someone will always try to conquer us.” These assumptions have become axioms of our culture. They generate despair but also a certain comfort because they relieve us of the […]

The Deep State

My recent interview with Richard Spencer at Radix Journal concerning the surveillance state. Listen here. NOTES: Rand Paul’s Stand Section 215 of Patriot Act expires The unprounceable name formerly known as Blackwater Keith Preston on Rand Paul Rand Paul signs Tom Cotton’s stupid Iran letter Paul visits Israel […]

Social Justice Warriors vs Reactionary Conservatives

By Scott Alexander SlateStarCodex.Com The social justice narrative describes a political-economic elite dominated by white males persecuting anybody who doesn’t fit into their culture, like blacks, women, and gays. The anti-social-justice narrative describes an intellectual-cultural elite dominated by social justice activists persecuting anybody who doesn’t fit into their […]

Varieties of Violence

By William T. Hathaway Terrorists, serial killers, domestic murderers — their ghoulish deeds fill our news and popular entertainment, interspersed with wars, riots, and brutal repressions. Violence surrounds us. Where does it come from? The answer propagated by the mass media is that violence is human nature. It’s […]

20 Big Ideas From Bernie Sanders to Reverse Inequality, Expand Safety Nets and Stop America’s Plutocrats

If indeed Bernie Sanders becomes the “Ron Paul of the Left” I would suggest that those with a genuine alternative economic outlook like anarcho-communists, syndicalists, free market anti-capitalists, and libertarian socialists start crashing Sanders events and spreading information for the purpose of popularizing their ideas. Maybe the Sanders […]