A Message From A State Hospital Reply


By Dan Greene

The 4am face of the lady behind the thick glass begins to talk to me,
it never changes every time I come in.

“Who is your doctor?
Why are you bothering us at this time?
We’ll get you seen in like an hour,
go sit down.”

The red metal seats with the holes in them in a row,
I sit in one as far away from everyone else as I can
you see I want to actually get this over with.

But it is not that simple,
for there are people with blood dripping from their heads
oozing onto the shirts of their favourite football teams
the porters keep them separate
for now.

The extreme end of one side is fascism
then extreme end of the other is state socialism
sure we can bring politics into sport
as long as there is politics.


Greening Out Podcast #30 – Political Voyeurism Reply


Caity and Dan finally acknowledge that there is a general election looming in the UK and start to attempt some political analysis (which inevitably goes off on strange tangents).

Caity starts by explaining why she feels like a voyeur when she looks at sociopathic politicians screwing the people and each other. We bash the Green Party heavily, largely because of their crazy policies and the fact that they are a fast-growing party but no-one within the party seems to have cracked open a serious book on economics.

We also wonder why so much effort is made to demonize UKIP (who we don’t support) but not the Green Party despite their larger membership and more ‘radical’ policies. We get into Natalie Bennett’s terrible interviews, the decline of the Scottish Labour Party, how many ‘shat it’ at the Scottish independence referendum and the unpopularity of being someone with a basic understanding of economics. We also express our alarm at so many so-called ‘Scottish secessionists’ drifting towards the Greens, the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Socialist party.


Greening Out Podcast #27 – Propaganda Is Alive and Well and On Channel 4 Reply


We chat about the propaganda ‘docudrama’ UKIP – The First 100 Days and what an absurd vision it promotes. We talk about UKIP generally and their policies and why we’re not UKIP supporters, the EU, the Scottish independence referendum and how the UK mainstream media try to shut down any form of radicalism with unfounded fear-mongering.
We go on to talk about secession as a left-wing phenomenon in Scotland, how the media like to throw left and right terms about, the errors of conflating UKIP with the EDL or the BNP, how the mainstream media loves to shut down debate about immigration and how movement of people would be different in a stateless world.

We also chat about how propaganda pieces like this one can give the general public the wrong impression of what libertarianism is, how a lot of the dystopian elements in the show are actually happening now, monarchy worship, the surreal news and how the free market gives people more choice.

We then move on to talking about the 2012 documentary “Please Subscribe” about people who make their money from YouTube, drunken cookery shows (and why Caity doesn’t want Dan to start one), the culture of instant gratification, the great Massive Attack song/video “Live With Me”, the coming One Direction breakup, who really owns Channel 4 and why they may be hostile to UKIP, Chris Atkins, why mainstream TV stations sometimes surprise us, what the Labour party are actually for anymore (nobody knows).

We end by talking about how the mainstream media will crush any form of radicalism, how conservatism is very different in the UK compared with the US and how when things are getting on top of you you should “have a wee word with yerself”

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Show notes: http://www.greeningoutpodcast.co.uk/greening-out-27—propaganda-is-alive-and-well-and-on-channel-4

Role reversal: Left establishment vs Right counter-culture 1

Southern nationalist secessionists vs Leftist educator/businessman

Southern nationalist secessionists vs liberal educator/businessman

Those of us who weren’t alive in the 1960s have likely seen clips from television and movies showing Right-wingers chastising hippies and liberals over their long hair, casual demeanor and less-than-formal dress. Conservatives also often used rhetoric about how liberals were traitors and should leave the United States. Pro-Vietnam War veterans complaining about how Jane Fonda was an enemy of America immediately comes to mind. The Left was then the rising counter-culture, which went on to be destroyed in the 1972 US presidential election but take over the Democratic Party and progressively acquire more influence and power in society.

My how things have changed from the days when The Beatles’ haircuts scandalized establishment conservatives and delighted counter-culture liberals!

Recently, the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organisation, unveiled a billboard with the message of ‘secede’ in front of the State capital building in Tallahassee, Florida. Dr Michael Hill, League president, described the motivation for Southern independence, writing in a recent article, ‘If the South is going to survive, especially against a flood tide of massive Third World immigration and leftist attempts to destroy her very cultural and political foundations, she is going to have to seek her independence and govern herself.’ On the day it was unveiled, League members recorded a short video in front of the billboard to promote the effort.


Obama is Good for Secessionists Reply

Bill Rummel writes in a recent article for the Charleston Voice, ‘With dissent higher in this country than it has been in decades, a number of secessionist groups are asking the question: Would certain states or territories be better off if they seceded from the union?’ This raises the question, would dissent and support for secession be this high if John McCain or Mitt Romney were in office doing exactly the same things that Barack Obama is doing? It doesn’t seem so. Obama may be the best recruiter for secession in the United States in the last century and a half!