The Vanguard Idea

by Mark Gillespie

I was visiting the American Revolutionary Vanguard site ( and became intrigued by the idea of a vanguard. Webster’s defines a vanguard as the troops at the head of an army or being at the forefront of a movement. Most of us here are definitely are at the forefront of the anti-state movement. Yes, we do differ as to what type of vision we see for the future anti-state. Some of us are anarcho-capitalists, some anarcho-socialists, some syndicalists and others are pure nihilists. However, the one thing we all can agree upon is that smashing the state is priority number one. Whether you are a homo-leftist-anarcho-syndicalist-voluntary-eco-feminist or a racist-ultra right-wing-neo-conservative-constitutionalist-patriot, both agree that the State, in its current form, is detrimental to their views and lifestyles. In this “society”, these groups are kept from uniting by the activity of the state and its media. However, we know that in anarchy, diversity of views is a strength, not a weakness. We have allowed the State to divide us based upon the most trivial things.

The fact is that, under anarchy, all of these different groups may “have it their way”. If the an-caps want a completely free market economy for themselves and the an-socs want to combine in communes, they can do this better under anarchy than they can now. If the Homo-an-syn-fem (hell of a moniker, yes?) wants to separate from the Neo-con-con-pat or vice versa, they can and do it more peaceably than they can under statism. This is the best weapon of an anarchist vanguard. We can and should embrace the different elements that make up this country. Think about this. If we can embrace just two major groups under the anarchist banner, we could send the statists home, without a shot. The major ethnic groups in this country are the New Worlders (Aboriginal Americans, Blacks and Spanish/Aboriginals) and the Old Worlders (people of mostly European descent). These groups are kept at each other’s throats and socially separated by negative media reports and by institutionalized racism. Reports of rampant crime, lack of morals and mob violence send shivers down the spines of the average, patriotic, “law-abiding”, traditionalist citizens, amongst the Old Worlders. Historic wrongs, appeals to end needed restorative services in the community and a envy for those who seem to do better than them, keeps New Worlders in the grip of a fear that the statists work hard to instill. Neither one of these groups are necessarily wrong, but, their fears and hatred, spread and protected by the weapons of the state, virtually ensures that these two major groups will meet together, only when they are pointing guns at each other.

Let’s examine what an anarchist vanguard can do. First, we can show these other groups that by acknowledging their viewpoints (not necessarily agreeing with them) and showing them that they can accomplish their goals more readily under anarchy, we can further our goal of smashing the state, as well. I have seen reports that state that only five percent of the population of America actively supported revolution against England. Consider then, that according to the last census (, The New Worlders make up a combined 25.7 percent of the nation’s population (approximately 72 million people). Let’s assume that the mostly Old Worlder patriot movement makes up about 3 percent of the white population (approximately 6.5 million). With these numbers, and a properly educated and motivated anarchist vanguard, there are at least 32 different states that are immediately vulnerable to a takeover and disbanding of the state government (based upon a population of less than 5 million/state) and any state in the union is vulnerable to a gradual takeover.

Now figure the populations of the groups with the population of the armed forces, in America. According to the last count (, the total military strength of America is about 1.5 million. That’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, combined! So-called law enforcement officers, both Federal and State probably make up another 1 million, at the most (being liberal with the projection) Even with the most advanced war technology in the world and a still subject and subservient population of 208 million, America would have the damnedest time trying to destroy us. If you factor in any outside help from other nations (which after America’s heavy-handed approach to foreign relations is taken into account, could be a lot), passive resistance from the subject group (work stoppages, fleeing, refusing conscription and drafting, non-compliance with taxation, etc) and an overwhelmingly dedicated anarchist vanguard group, a nearly, if not completely bloodless revolution is not only possible, but should be considered as an opportunity. Anarchists can work to foster alliances between disparate groups. As mediators and vision-holders, we can help each group to see that uniting for the common goal of freedom, trumps their own agendas. After all, once the government is gone, no one will care if you set up an all-black, all-white, all-Jew, all-Muslim, all-socialist, all-capitalist community. We should pick up the torch of unity and educate people into respecting the diverse views of others. I may not like what you’re doing, saying, being, etc, but I will defend to the death, your right to do, say or be it. Peace to you all.

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