Read Your Enemies

By James Walker Quillette With the passing of the idea of the canon into the dustbin of history, the notion of a “required reading” list for all humanity has become seen as something quaint. In our “post-postmodern” condition, even the idea of revising the canon, entering new masterpieces […]

America Without Abortion

By Matthew Walther, The American Conservative Of all the forms of divination condemned by the Church and rejected by our natural faculties of reason, logomancy is the most obviously absurd. Hobbes, the wittiest of English philosophers, tells us that words “are wise men’s counters, they do but reckon […]

The Betrayal of Roe

By Rebecca Traister New York Mag, Intelligencer The aftermath of the Supreme Court’s oral arguments this week on the fate of Roe v. Wade — in which a phalanx of right-wing justices made plain their disdain for the law — has been a festival of finger-pointing and recrimination […]

The Travails of Trumpification

By Timothy W. Luke, Telos Also available in Kindle ebook format at In this series of critical essays written over the course of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, from its chaotic early days to its calamitous end, Timothy W. Luke explores how the recent twists and turns in […]

Pence 2024?

By Caroline Mimbs Nyce The Atlantic As Congress and the courts pick up the pieces from Donald Trump’s first presidency, the country is already wondering whether it might see a second. The former president is flirting with a 2024 bid—and may have a shot at winning fair and […]