Thinking Beyond Roe

By Amy Littlefield, The Nation If Supreme Court rules as expected, a group of committed abortion rights supporters is ready to fight to “liberate abortion.” Jessy Rosales stood in front of the Supreme Court Building on Wednesday, holding a yellow circle printed with the words “I had an […]

Own Nothing and Love It

By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox From the ancient world to modern times, the class of small property owners have constituted the sine qua non of democratic self-government. But today this class is under attack by what Aristotle described as an oligarchia, an unelected power elite that controls […]

The Socialism America Needs

By Joel Kotkin Clobbered from all sides by the pandemic, climate change and disruptions in virtually every industry by the rise of artificial intelligence, the capitalist dream is dying — and a new, mutant form of socialism is growing in its place. In the US, perhaps it’s no […]

Kamala’s Proportions

By K. Lloyd Billingsley, American Thinker While under anesthetic for a colonoscopy on November 19, Joe Biden handed the reins of power to Kamala Harris, for 85 minutes the most powerful person in the world. That same Friday, a Wisconsin jury declared accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty […]

Inventing the Science of Race

By Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Andrew S. Curran New York Review of Books In 1741, Bordeaux’s Royal Academy of Sciences held an essay contest searching for the origin of “blackness.” The results help us see how Enlightenment thinkers justified chattel slavery. In 1712 King Louis XIV of France signed […]

Vive la New Right

By Alexander Riley,  Chronicles Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes by Pierre Krebs, Robert Steuckers, and Pierre-Émile Blairon Arktos Media 210 pp., $27.50 La puissance et la foi: Essais de théologie politique by Alain de Benoist PG de Roux 336 pp., EUR$39.00 I stumbled upon the writing of Alain […]

Third Worldizing America

The weakening of the American regime provides many opportunities for anti-imperialist struggles and the creation of startup societies now that the global hegemon is in decline, and the domestic regime is experiencing decline as well. Meanwhile, I suspect the long-term effect of recent anti-police uprisings will be a […]

The Rise of the New Stoics

By Michael Warren David, Spectator World Meet the new generation of social conservatives, not necessarily religious but trying to be good men. Every day around noon, a white pickup truck comes barreling down my street. It’s one of those big-boy toys: jacked-up suspension, aftermarket muffler, turbo…the works. It’s […]