Breaking Points: 12/6/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss CNN firing Chris Cuomo, Georgia’s Governor election, SCOTUS argument on Roe v. Wade, November jobs report, how Trevor Noah made liberals mad, Omicron insanity in Australia, Kamala staffers quitting in droves, JFK assassination with Oliver Stone, and more! Merch: Oliver Stone Doc:… […]


Anarchist News During these past 2 years, Covid deaths were not the only death toll that caused alarm. Various countries are in uproar due to the increase in femicides. Some States have declared a state of emergency, while others which have not are exhorted by feminist activists to […]

The New Global Order

A debate between Alfred McCoy and Peter Zeihan on China, or between McCoy and Bjorn Lomborg on the climate, would be interesting. On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the decline of the American empire and the new global order with Professor Alfred McCoy, who holds the Harrington Chair […]

Le Pen, Orban, and other European populist leaders meet in Warsaw to discuss EU concerns

By Grayson Quay The Week Europe’s most prominent right-wing populist leaders met in Warsaw Saturday to discuss concerns about the European Union, The Associated Press reported. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland’s deputy prime minister and leader of the governing Law and Justice party, hosted the summit. Other attendees included Hungarian Prime […]

The Real Wealth Gap

By Robert Stark The intergenerational wealth gap, the housing crisis, and how “BLM vs. MAGA” poisons the discussion on every issue that matters. Recent events have made it harder but more necessary than ever to eschew the reactive tribalism encapsulated currently by “BLM vs. MAGA” in favor of […]

The Reshoring Imperative

By Joel Kotkin and Michael Lind The COVID-19 pandemic brought tragedy and disruption to America. But it has also provided another stark warning concern­ing the country’s disastrous over reliance on overseas production. It has demon­strated that without a strong, self-reliant industrial base, this country’s ability to forge a […]