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  1. I respect that opinion as it’s nicely put, but some things, like gay marriage being a parody of straight marriage or necessarily short lasting, are just opinions and assumptions, like the attribution of common traits to the so called “gay lifestyle”. Such opinion should not have too much weight on the recognition of a private relationship between two adult individuals which is simply a fact. As it is an opinion that of marriage being of religious nature, no, it’s just a contract now, with or without the participation of religious confession, if religions don’t agree, they simply can not participate or celebrate it.
    Ok I guess if one does not agree based on religious view, can make an enclave or a community, but I would hope people realize this is quite a false problem in the great scheme of things.
    Btw, those comments, but one, suck 😉 tongue in cheek. Without a state, especially being us anarchists, it shouldn’t be a problem, unless it’s considered a crime, like pedophilia, lol.

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