David Duke & The Epic Tram Lady

Article by Richard Spencer.

Whatever one might think of “The Epic Tram Lady,” she was not arrested by British police for acting in an annoying and un-Lady-like fashion. She was arrested for thinking bad thoughts about London’s immigrant and non-White population. As I blogged the other day, “If any were in doubt of the true totalitarian nature of ‘Cool Britannia,’ let Epic Tram Lady stand as an example.”

Whatever one might think about David Duke—and, I’m sure, among AltRight readers, there is a spectrum of opinions—he was recently arrested in Germany for thinking bad thoughts about racial identity. And let’s not forget that the soft—and increasingly hard—totalitarians in the Western world make few distinctions regarding where exactly one stands on particular controversies within what is in their minds a monolithically evil “far Right.”

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  1. Love him or hate him, but David Duke is the most articulate and polished looking spokesmen on the far-right today: and his dozens of videos (available for viewing on Youtube) are the most sophisticated and convincing of those generally seen from the White Nationalist scene which seems to have difficulty rising above the very kind of neanderthal “logic” they generally condemn (the “Tram Lady” is one of those kind of embarrassing”red-neck” individuals). However, for those on either the right or left (but of the more democratic and humanist persuasion) Duke is exactly the kind of individual who while appearing harmless, (and even perhaps likeable) is by virtue of these very qualities mentioned is the most dangerous kind of extremist of all. Without the anonymity provided by a white KKK robe, the ridiculous threat of the “Hollywood Neo-Nazi” decked out in a reproduction NSDAP uniform… Duke, who wears a tailored suit and speaks using moderate language is little more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing…. and when combined with the popular “leaderless resistance” model (as advocated by the racist classic “The Turner Diaries” written by the deceased radical William Pierce) poses the greatest threat to the Neo-Marxist values which seems to define the current dialectic of high-finance, corporate democracy (aka “globalism”).

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