Progressives on the Secession Petitions 2

by Spencer Pearson

hat would have happened if Romney had won the recent presidential election? Let us remember that the margin, at least in the popular vote was 2.8%, so this is hardly an unthinkable proposition. It’s a fairly safe bet that there would be a fairly safe bet that there would be a fairly substantial debate going on right now as to how much racism played a part in Obama’s defeat. There would undoubtedly be a general gnashing of teeth More…

Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States 2

Guess we’ll have to find something else to do!

As of Saturday November 10, 2012, 15 States have petitioned the Obama Administration for withdrawal from the United States of America in order to create its own government.

States following this action include: Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon and New York. These States have requested that the Obama Administration grant a peaceful withdrawal from the United States.

These citizen generated petitions were filed just days after the 2012 presidential election.

Global Warming or Gay Rights? Priorities of the Green Party Reply

In her recent interview with Keith Preston on this site (and elsewhere) Tia Foster described the environmentalist movement in America as being more concerned with progressive politics than the actual environment. Here in the UK a recent, and definitive, example of this “watermelon” phenomenon took place recently.

A little background.  Brighton is theBritish capital of gay culture, situated on the South Coast the town is famousfor its huge population of homosexuals and its numerous gay bars.  It is also home to easily the most successful branch of the British Green Party, not only do they control the local council but they also have Britain’s sole Green MP. Indeed the Green Party in Brighton could reasonably lay claim to be the most successful none-Establishment force anywhere in England since no other group has achieved anything like as much.