Gaza’s cycle of aggression shapes new generations more militant than the last Reply
Chris McGreal

Abu Jindal and Abu Nizar

Abu Jindal (left) and Abu Nizar, members of the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, in Beach Camp, Gaza. Photograph: Guardian

Abu Nizar’s father had good things to say about the Israelis he knew. “He told me they were decent to him when he worked there. He did whatever work he could find with them. Construction, the fields. He had a good opinion of them. They treated him well,” the son said. More…

Join, or Die 2

by R.J. Jacob

Conspiratorialism and traditional distrust in elites has shaped American history since its initial conception beginning with the Anglo-Republicanism of the 17th century and it’s conspiratorial views of Charles I and James II, to the Boston Tea Party British colonists who saw More…

Voting By Sex, Age, Race, Money, And Education Reply
Henry Blodget

Obama 347 electoral map
270 to Win

The New York Times has an awesome graphical breakdown of voting data from the 2012 Presidential election.

In case you had any doubt about how the country breaks down along gender, age, race, financial status, religion, education, and community lines, just have a glance at these stats. More…

The Zetas Model 5
Pancho Montana

Nuevo León, Mexico:

Hola. My name is Pancho Montana and I’m writing from deep inside Mexico. Pancho Montana’s not my real name. And I’m not a “real journalist,” because that would be a real stupid profession for me to be in here in Mexico, tops in the world when it comes to murdered journalists. And journalists don’t die quickly here either—they die in a variety of nasty (and incredibly creative) ways.

So yeah, my native country is not a fun place to be a reporter. As for the name “Pancho Montana,” that’s something I chose some time ago when, out of the blue, I started writing an irregular “Narco War” column for The eXiled Online, issuing reports from the front lines of the Mexican narco-war, from my home state of Nuevo León. More…

When Supply Lines Go Down 8

by R.J. Jacob

Hurricane Sandy serves as yet another example of how federal, state and local government entities including the military are utterly dependent upon US infrastructure and a vibrant local economy to coordinate supply routes to major cities in times of catastrophic disaster.

Even with practiced and prepared FEMA centers, the Red Cross, the National Guard, and other emergency More…

Why can’t progressives reach white Southern men? Reply
By Lynn Parramore

Why can't progressives reach white Southern men?

(Credit: AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.


The South’s comfort with the GOP is understandable, even predictable. But it shouldn’t be inevitable

Ever since Neil Young sang about him, the white Southern man has been the symbol for all that is wrong with America to urban lefties. He is a redneck. A gun-toting, rebel flag-waving racist whose sinister activities wreak far more havoc on the country than, say, the wily Wall Street financier. If you can’t hate the white Southern man, who can you hate? More…

Economic Separatism in Europe: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Reply
Mike Konrad

As Europe’s economy collapses, a new brand of separatism is arising in Europe: Economic separatism.  Ironically, a closer look indicates that these separatists will only be recapitulating the errors of their current arrangements — and should they win independence, it may profit them nothing.

Catalonia is probably the first place to start.  It is Spain’s Ruhr, an industrial and economic powerhouse.  Along with the Basque country, Catalonia is one of the engines which has kept Spain afloat and prosperous for many decades.  It is now clamoring for independence from Spain.  Thirty percent of Catalans recently protested in the streets of Barcelona, demanding separation from Madrid.

A central complaint among Catalans is that they are massively subsidizing the rest of Spain.  They see the central Madrid government as a money pit where their taxes go and never return.  They are tired of floating the rest of the country while their provincial bridges, roads, and physical plant go unmaintained.  The Catalans want out. More…

Vampires Without Teeth 6

by R.J. Jacob

Vampirism in 19th century English literature has always been a woman’s worst nightmare, beginning with Dr. Polidori’s 1819 The Vampyre, followed by Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula. Women were typically assigned the role of victim, suffering tremendously to… More…

Secession Fever Sweeping Europe Meaningless Without Debt Repudiation Reply
Ron Holland

While regional independence is superior to both the failing European Union and the façade of special interest controlled democracy, one further action should taken by any jurisdictions that choose secession: Newly restored sovereign nations should repudiate their share of the illegitimate sovereign debt when they exit existing unions and nation-states. Created by distant banking elites buying national politicians and parliaments to load up on sovereign debts that can never be paid off, this massive national debt load is illegitimate and destructive to existing and new national economies.

Governments have three ways to deal with debt loads of this magnitude: The first is hyperinflation designed to destroy the payoff value of the debt, second is the official repudiation of the debt or third, a combination of both options. More…

Woman who claimed she was racist victim ‘set herself on fire’ 1

Sharmeka Moffitt
Fire … Cops say Sharmeka Moffitt staged ‘attack’

A YOUNG black woman who claimed she was a race-hate victim and had been set on fire STAGED the attack, police said.

Cops in Louisiana said the woman also scrawled KKK on her own car.

FBI spokesman Kyle Hanrahan said: “The wounds were self-inflicted”.

Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, was seriously burned in the incident, which was widely reported, and remains in critical condition. More…

Robots Replace Gardeners as Auto-Mowers Take Over Reply
Ola Kinnander

Robots Replace Gardeners as Sales Surge for Auto-Mowers

The Husqvarna AB Automower 265 ACX. Source: Husqvarna AB

Europe’s backyards have become the latest front in the robot wars.

With a quarter of lawn owners saying they dislike mowing the grass, sales of machines that will do the job for them are taking off, especially in Europe where landscaping services are more expensive than in the U.S.

That has spurred a legion of manufacturers to challenge market leader Husqvarna AB. (HUSQB) Robert Bosch GmbH, Deere & Co. (DE) and Global Garden Products Italy SpA this year started offering robotic mowers, which Husqvarna sells for as much as 5,000 euros ($6,487). Honda Motor Co. (7267) plans to enter the fray in 2013. More…

Attack the System: Interview with Welf Herfurth Reply

In the latest installment of Attack the System, Keith Preston interviews National Anarchist activist and author Welf Herfurth.

Topics discussed:

  • How National Anarchism has developed over the years
  • The Left-Right paradigm becoming increasingly outdated
  • Globalization and homogenization
  • The Fascist & cult-like mindset of the “antifa”
  • The State and Nationality
  • How would NA address mass immigration?
  • Should National Anarchists focus on local activism, or on organizing a movement that can contend in the political arena
  • A Life in the Political Wilderness
  • Supporting anyone who’s against the system, even if you don’t agree with everything he or she says.
  • How to discuss dissident views with people in day-to-day life.
  • How a National Anarchist society would deal with public issues like building roads, crime, a foreign invasion, etc.


Pro-independence parties win Basque country elections in Spain 1
Giles Tremlett in Madrid and Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent

Election victors expected to follow example of Catalan regional president by calling independence referendum

Inigo Urkullu

Iñigo Urkullu, leader of the Basque Nationalist party, casts his vote in the regional elections. Photograph: Ander Gillenea/AFP/Getty Images

Separatist tensions within the European Union looked set to grow with a surge of support for pro-independence parties at regional elections held on Sunday in Spain‘s northern Basque country. More…

Mises on Secession Reply
Ludwig von Mises and Hans-Hermann Hoppe

A nation, therefore, has no right to say to a province: You belong to me, I want to take you. A province consists of its inhabitants. If anybody has a right to be heard in this case it is these inhabitants. Boundary disputes should be settled by plebiscite. (Omnipotent Government, p. 90)

No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want. (Nation, State, and Economy, p. 34)


The Little Town With A Big Airport That Wants To Secede From Russia Reply
By Vladimir Gendlin


The Little Town With A Big Airport That Wants To Secede From Russia

DOMODEDOVO – I first met with the leaders of this town’s independence movement in a small Azeri cafe.

Domodedovo is barely a town, really, more like just a street; and when I arrived, there was a Muscovite photographer obviously on the same story. We were waiting for the members of the independence movement led by human rights lawyer Evgenii Arkhipov. More…

Venetian protesters demand independence from Rome Reply

Protesters gather in front of the central government building in Veneto, Italy to demand independence from Rome. Screenshot from RT guest footage.

Protesters gather in front of the central government building in Veneto, Italy to demand independence from Rome. Screenshot from RT guest footage.

Protesters have gathered in front of the central government in Veneto, Italy to demand an immediate referendum on the region’s independence from Rome. The reason is mainly economic, according to the rally’s organizer. More…