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Southern Poverty Law Center: FRC President Perkins’ accusation ‘outrageous’ Steve Rothaus Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said Thursday that shooting suspect Floyd Lee Corkins II was “given a license” to fire at an FRC security guard by organizations including the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Immediately after, a SPLC spokesman called Perkins’ comment “outrageous.” Here’s […]

Bristol launches local currency As Britain loses faith in its banks and feels shockwaves from the euro crisis, one city is trying to keep local wealth in local pockets with the launch of its own currency. Businesses can pay local taxes in Bristol pounds and the council has offered its 17,000 […]

Should the South secede?

Be sure to read the comments — Joshua Holland, Alternet This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that cultural friction between the North and South persists to this day. After all, we fought an incredibly brutal, ugly Civil War. The battlelines that were […]

We need progressive religion Sara Robinson This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Often, religion offers much that progressives need to build movements for change One of the great historical strengths of the progressive movement has been its resolute commitment to the separation of church and state. As progressives, we don’t want […]

Special treatment for Israelis to enter the US

Program with Israel pre-clears Israeli travelers from immigration and customs into the United States. “Special friendship” says Napolitano. Listen to the interview here. —- Nathan Guttman Homeland Security Sec’y Defends Controversial Grant Program NATE LAVEY Secretary Speaks: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano speaks to staff at the […]

Neuroscience linking race preference to brain activity

How the brain responds to and processes images of people from different racial groups is an emerging field of investigation that could have major implications for society. Psychologist Elizabeth Phelps of New York University, in New York, who in 2000 led one of the first studies in this area, tells Nature what her latest review of the field reveals about the neuroscience of race1.

V for Victory: Crowley and Infowars has recently revived the “V for Victory” campaign as a way to “invoke the spirit of the French who were occupied by the Nazis in World War Two.” What does this have to do with Aleister Crowley 2012? While he certainly wasn’t the first person to […]

The First Liberty Library

by Murray Rothbard

The lone individual is seldom given credit as a shaper and mover of great historical events; and this is particularly true when that in­dividual is no famous statesman or military hero, nor leader of a mass movement, but simply a little-known person pursuing his own idea in his own way. Yet such a person, scarcely known in his day and totally forgotten by historians until the last few years, played an important role in one of the most significant events in mod­ern history: the American Revo­lution. know the great in­fluence of this man and his simple idea in forming an event that has shaped all of our lives.

Government Medical “Insurance” Murray N. Rothbard [Making Economic Sense (1995; 2007)] One of Ludwig von Mises’s keenest insights was on the cumulative tendency of government intervention. The government, in its wisdom, perceives a problem (and Lord knows, there are always problems!). The government then intervenes to “solve” that problem. But […]