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‘This American Life’ Completes Documentation Of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence

This is funny. — CHICAGO—Producers of the long-running Chicago Public Radio program This American Life announced Monday that they have completed their comprehensive 12-year survey of life as a modern upper-middle-class American. In what cultural anthropologists are calling a “colossal achievement” in the study of white-collar professionals, […]

Book on Hezbollah Released Authored by Mesbah Mahjoub, a book has been released on the thought patterns of Hezbollah led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah. IBNA: The book entails issues which have led to the success of the Muslim political party in Lebanon and in the physical and psychological wars it has […]

The Montpelier Manifesto

by Thomas H. Naylor, Kirkpatrick Sale, James Starkey, and Charles Keil Recently by Thomas H. Naylor: The Principality of Liechtenstein: A Model of Self-Determination for a World Filled With Chaos Recently by Kirkpatrick Sale: The Decline of the American Empire Petition of Grievances We, citizens of this American […]

Australians implant ‘world first’ bionic eye Agence France-Presse Australian scientists said Thursday they had successfully implanted a “world first” bionic eye prototype, describing it as a major breakthrough for the visually impaired. Bionic Vision Australia (BVA), a government-funded science consortium, said it had surgically installed an “early prototype” robotic eye in a woman […]

Anarchist Leader In Assassination Plot Was Apparently A Page At The 2008 GOP Convention Geoffrey Ingersoll Shortly after the media frenzy over these “anarchist” militant revolutionaries and their alleged aspirations to overthrow the government (with $87,000 of weapons and multiple members with loose lips), Gawker revealed that their leader, Isaac Aguigui was apparently a page at the Republican National Convention in […]

The new totalitarianism of surveillance tech Naomi Wolf If you think that 24/7 tracking of citizens by biometric recognition systems is paranoid fantasy, just read the industry newsletters Tom Cruise as John Anderton in the futuristic film Minority Report, where the advertisements use recognition technology to call out to the shoppers. Photograph: Allstar/20th […]

Bill Gates: World needs fewer people Bob Unruh Software billionaire Bill Gates, who previously has advocated the reduction of the human population through the use of vaccines, and his wife Melinda marked the 100th year since the First International Eugenics Congress in London with a “family planning” summit with abortionists and the United […]

Ethnic Panic in India Interior minister accuses rival neighbour of fabricating messages threatening revenge attacks on indigenous communities. India has accused Pakistan of fabricating threatening bulk messages that triggered panic among migrant workers in southern Indian cities. Thousands of people hailing from indigenous communities in the northeastern state of Assam fled Bangalore and […]

90 Million Americans Can’t Be Wrong Joel Poindexter Those who vote in presidential elections often describe the action as being part of their civic duty; it’s something every good citizen must do. Others consider voting to be a right, and elections are something which every American should participate in. After all, they remind […]