When Do You Break People Out of Prison? Reply

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There are few methods at our disposal to right the wrong of false imprisonment. But as many believers note, our legal system was premised on the notion that it is better for ten guilty men to go free than one innocent man be imprisoned. I have no such faith that the current system comes even close to such a principle and don’t believe it really ever has been held to such standards.

From the very beginning of the republic, we’ve seen examples of excessive federal overreach. Regarding the recent release of the CIA’s sanitized torture report, I was recently asked when I thought the US lost its moral authority and I answered “around the time of the Whiskey Rebellion”.

Public school history tells us that the Revolutionary War was fought against taxes and yet as soon as our ancestors elected a king—ahem—president, he put down a rebellion caused by his…

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This Bitch Wrote a Blog Post Criticizing Libertarians and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next 1

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Sometimes you write articles that you’re really proud of and you took great care in polishing–careful that every point was crystal clear. My last one was not one of those articles but it got more views than all of my other ones combined. I’m usually pretty laid back and mostly write about boring bitcoin stuff now. This reaction was unanticipated as it was just meant to be a sillty rant, but it also had to be said.

I apologize for nothing.

But I do want to clear up some points because they seemed to have been missed. The article was meant to be a bit outrageous to be sure, but the subjects (except Ron Paul) involved have produced much more intentionally offensive content. I’m not a fan of outrage culture, but I thought I’d vent out some amusing frustration. Turns out, a lot of people felt the same way but…

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Crypto Convos Weekend Edition with Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost Reply

I do a weekly show titled Crypto Convos where I interview various members of the bitcoin counter-economy and every now and then I’ll do a weekend edition. Mike Kimberl is a good friend and homeless rights activist who works alongside Food Not Bombs and the bitcoin-fueled homeless outreach Sean’s Outpost. He works tirelessly feeding hundreds of people a week and managing Satoshi Forest, a nine acre homeless campground, which is facing a battle with Escambia County over the right to allow homeless people to reside on private property.

I have interviewed Mike a few times before, and this interview takes a somber look into the problem of homelessness. We also explore how bitcoin can help the most unfortunate and the success Sean’s Outpost has had with bitcoin donations and helping people get off the streets.

Here’s the full interview:

You can also gain more insight into the background of our discussion by checking out my Youtube channel:


Women in Bitcoin Panel at Porcfest XI 2014 Reply

I was recently on a Women in Bitcoin panel at Porcupine Freedom Festival, an anarchist/libertarian themed festival sponsored by the Free State Project. Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin moderated and the panel featured Paige Peterson of MaidSafe, musician Tatiana Moroz, myself representing Bitcoin Not Bombs, and Lyn Ulbricht the mother of Ross Ulbricht (suspected to be the Dread Pirate Roberts) who is currently facing charges related to the dark web site Silk Road.

These women are inspiring and involved in multiple projects and I was happy to be a part of this panel. We discussed bitcoin conferences, our experiences in the space, the projects we are working on, and Ross Ulbricht’s complex battle with overzealous agents of the state. Featured at the end is a QR code you can use to donate to his defense fund which is desperately needed as new charges have been added and his case is one that can set a very troubling legal precedent.

Watch our discussion in the video below.

I also run a weekly interview show called Crypto Convos of which I will be posting videos of more frequently.