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Keith Preston

The Only Happy Cop Is a Sociopath

Article by Mark Crovelli. Specifically, the job of the police officer involves giving orders to strangers and locking them up in cages if they choose not to obey. Unless the police officer is a complete sociopath, he would never consider acting in such a way in his private […]

Tortured Until Proven Innocent

From Rad Geek. Last year this article by Chris Vogel from the Houston Press won the Molly Award from the Texas Observer. It’s about teenagers locked in the Harris County (Houston), Texas jail system while awaiting a trial. They have not been convicted of any crime, or proven […]

Impeach Barack Obama

Article by John V. Walsh. The time has come for those who claim high regard for the U.S. Constitution to show that they mean what they say. The time has come to begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack H. Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. The United States […]

Syria’s Old Boy Network

Article by David D’Amato. Syria is emerging as a volatile focal point of a region in flux, with the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, recalcitrant in dismissing what Reuters calls “rising demands for fundamental reform.” Though well-known for boasting to foreign media of supposedly near-universal popularity of his Baath […]

Revolution Not Replication

Article by David D’Amato. With pro-democracy demonstrations billowing around his regime, Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has held his post for more than thirty years, warned on March 22 that the country is balanced on the precipice of “a bloody war” within its own borders. Saleh, whose […]

Statement by a Libyan anarchist – The signs of the defeat of Libyan revolution I call on all the peoples to support us, the Egyptians, Tunisians, French, even Chinese, all the peoples of the world, we welcome their support and sympathy. —- In a few hours, the UN Security Council will decide to start air strikes against Libya. France has said […]

The Alternative Right

A hit piece on the Alternative Right from the Left. Obviously, I have my disagreements with this article but the graphic below is hilarious: In American society, and to a larger extent Europe, Canada and Australia, you’re seeing the rise of a movement that is best described as […]

Why I Am An Anarcho-Misogynist

Jay Batman strikes again with this piece that’s been ruffling some feathers over as the Gonzo Time. There have been some interesting following up posts this article as well over there. Check it out. As I’ve come to divorce myself from statist paradigms, I’ve also become increasingly cognizant […]

Liberals March to War

Article by Justin Raimondo. Well, that didn’t take long. Now that President Barack Obama has intervened in Libya, his army of apologists is mobilizing to defend his “humanitarianism,” declaring that his war isn’t at all like Bush’s wars. It’s something new, and different – and admirable. I’m not […]

Embracing Markets, Opposing Capitalism

Article by Gary Chartier. Being a libertarian means opposing the use of force to restrain peaceful, voluntary exchange. That doesn’t mean it should be understood as involving support for capitalism. Whether this claim makes any sense at all depends, of course, on what you mean by “capitalism.” For […]

A Foolish and Unconstitutional War

Article by Pat Buchanan. “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” So said constitutional scholar and Senator Barack Obama in December 2007—the same man […]

Big Government and Capitalism

From Stumbling and Mumbling. In the Economist’s rather good survey of the growth of government, there’s one thing missing – something right libertarians tend to understate. I refer to the possibility that the increasing size of the state over time has often served the interests of capitalism. I […]

Bahrain's Blame Game

Article by David D’Amato. Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has,” according to a Reuters report, “said a foreign plot against his Gulf Arab kingdom had been foiled … .” The king’s statement, a paranoid imputation citing an “external plot” that has “fomented for 20 to 30 […]

Invader's Remorse: Arab League Now Criticizes Western Attack On Libya Not even a full day after the UN-endorsed attack on Libya began, and the “invader’s remorse” is already manifesting itself as discontent among the “peacemakers” emerges. Per the AFP: “The Arab League on Sunday criticized Western military strikes on Libya, a week after urging the United Nations […]

They hate us because we bomb them, says Libertarian Chair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 20, 2011 Contact: Wes Benedict, Executive Director E-mail: Phone: 202-333-0008 ext. 222 They hate us because we bomb them, says Libertarian Chair WASHINGTON – Giving little thought to the lessons of history, President Obama has begun attacking Libya with the full support […]

The United Nations War Machine

Article by William Norman Grigg It is abominable that 535 people in Washington assume they have the moral authority to compel Americans to make sacrifices of their lives and property in the service of what Daniel Webster (of all people) described as “the folly and wickedness” of the […]

Nuclear Holocaust Denial

Article by Jim Goad Japan has endured a three-headed monster of colossal catastrophes over the past ten days—a 9.0 earthquake, a tsunami with 30-foot crests, and an unresolved nuclear-reactor crisis that unspooled as a direct result of the first two disasters. The temblor and tidal wave can be […]

Libya's Slippery Slope

Article by Justin Raimondo. Barely 24 hours after the first Allied air strikes, President Obama’s high-flying Libyan adventure is losing altitude. The smoke hadn’t cleared from the first air strikes when the head of the Arab League complained that “what happened differs from the no-fly zone objectives. What […]

The "Liberation" of Libya

Article by David D’Amato. CNN reports that “A [U.S.-led] coalition … made good Saturday [March 19] on international warnings to Gadhafi, hammering Libyan military positions in the first phase of an operation that will include enforcement of a no-fly zone.” As reigning hegemon and maintainer of global political […]

Our "America Last" Foreign Policy

by Kevin DeAnna Our government has one basic job. Before anything else, the federal government has to ensure the physical security of the nation. This includes securing the borders, preventing foreign invasion, and discouraging attacks against the national territory and American citizens. Obviously, our government doesn’t do […]

The Free City-State

by Vinay Gupta 1. City States: If Italy collapsed as a nation state, but remained peaceful, Naples and Venice and so on could theoretically join the EU with very little in life changing. 2. Rational Borders: The suburbs of Geneva are in France. If they were in the […]

Let the Kids Rule the School

Finally, some commonsense ideas on education reform. This is what real education looks like. Article from the New York Times. The students in the Independent Project are remarkable but not because they are exceptionally motivated or unusually talented. They are remarkable because they demonstrate the kinds of learning […]