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Keith Preston

Against the System, For the Future

“Periodic crises and wars are used to whip up support for other plunder-reward cycles which in effect tighten the noose around our individual liberties. And of course we have hordes of academic sponges, amoral businessmen, and just plain hangers-on, to act as non-productive recipients for the plunder. Stop […]

Aristocratic Aesthetic Socialism

By Robert Stark                     By Robert Stark: Originally Published on Alt of Center The concept of beauty throughout history has been a force for creation, inspiring mankind to reach the pinnacle of civilization. From men accomplishing great things to […]

Turning Cynicism into Optimism

A review of Disaster Fitness: Make Your Demons Do the Work, by Ann Sterzinger and Ann Hedonia. By Keith Preston I confess to having never been a fan of so-called “self-help” books. Mostly, these kinds of works have always struck me as having goofy titles and charlatans for […]

We Are All White Supremacists Now

A response to the recent smear attack on the H.L. Mencken Club. By Jack Kerwick American Greatness Darren Beattie received his Ph. D. from Duke University in 2016. Almost immediately upon completion of his degree, he signed a one-year contract to be an instructor in Duke’s political science […]

Notes From a Sputnik Leftist

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley Russophobia has become America’s new favorite form of bigotry. You can’t jaywalk in this goddamn country without being accused of first degree Putin puppetry. This cold borscht of xenophobia has been brewing for some time but it has […]

Pan-Anarchy Manifesto

Apparently, some ATS folks have been doing some time travel back to 100 years ago. By A.L Gordin and V.L. Gordin Panarchy.Org Pan-anarchy literally means all-embracing anarchy, ‘pan’ being ‘all’ in Greek. Pan-anarchy is a comprehensive and articulate anarchy. Aside from the ideal of no government, or anarchy […]

On the new undesirables of the West

An excellent piece of class/caste analysis from a Marxist/Maoist perspective. This is more or less what I have been saying for decades. Genuine Communists are always so refreshing when compared with the usual SJW/Antifa/IDPol/weenie Leftist types. Maoist Rebel News Editor: The following is a post that was written […]