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Keith Preston

The Myth of Cushy Prisons

From the This Ain’t Livin’ blog. I recently re-encountered one of the more bizarrely pervasive myths about prisons when I was talking about the prison abolition movement with a friend: The idea that prisons are ‘cushy.’ This person was trying to argue that because conditions in prisons are […]

The Inalienable Right to Hate Fags

Jim Goad on the Fred Phelps freak show. Based on their endless words and their tireless actions, the Westboro Baptist Church seems to sincerely believe that God is punishing America for its increasing tolerance of homosexuality. They honestly seem to think that every scrawny AIDS casualty, every soldier […]

An Odd Duck

“I do think Keith Preston merits the title odd duck, if anyone does. That said, unlike with Gabb, you don’t generally see those two criticisms coming from the same group of people in Preston’s case. The people who bag on his NA-sympathies don’t generally also complain about his […]

The Last "Political" Essay

Anna Morgenstern on why the Left and Right are both failures. As far as I can tell, the two biggest social problems that we have in statist society are War and Poverty.  And true to form, they are rarely directly addressed. In truth, there is very little sentiment […]

Do the Neocons Want Democracy?

Daniel McCarthy on the neoconservatives Jacobinism. …what the neoconservatives mean by democracy, and what their critics know they mean, is not one man, one vote. It’s not procedural democracy but a substantive democracy: a democracy that entails an American-style mixed-market economy (“democratic capitalism”), liberal institutions of civil society […]

In Search of Identity

Interesting article by Swedish nationalist Rafael Koski. The main speaker of the evening was the Croatian-American ”New Rightist” Tomislav Sunic. He talked of his Croatian and other identities, and how he would prefer an explicitly racialist identity as a White European. He acknowledged, though, that as long as […]

The Free Market's Regulatory Model

David D’Amato on why the regulatory state serves the alliance of state and capital. Big Business, we are frequently advised, is the enemy of our natural biosphere, forever seeking new ways to sidestep its responsibilities to the environment and to dirty it at will. This assumption is, in […]

Anarchic Urbanism

From The Old Urbanist. When valuable city land is left open and vacant by an absentee owner, enterprising individuals may enter and create functional living spaces, start-up businesses and entire self-governing communities on their own initiative.  This process of emergent organization, derided as anarchic by detractors (see video), in fact […]

Religion and Politics

Why the Gods Are Not Winning This article gives the raw data indicating the degree to which religious belief has declined worldwide over the past century. The authors also explain why religious conservatism is losing ground even in the most religious of industrialized nations, the United States. These […]

Iran's Bizarro "Green Movement"

Jack Ross on the Iranian opposition. During the recent upheavals across the Greater Middle East, the various iterations of the neoconservative line—the optimistic pro-democracy, the paranoid Islamophobic, or the brazen combination of both—have all tended to share a single major fallacy: that the opposition movement in Iran, the […]

Invasion of the Kochtopussies

Jim Goad’s hilarious takedown of the paranoid Left. I make it a general rule never to trust even one-half of a word that any politician says, whether it’s left, right, up, down, North, South, and even some parts of Philly. I’ve never been good at team sports, and […]

The Libyan Fox at Bay

Eric Margolis on the demise of Gadaffi. Gadaffi is a sad example of the maxim about absolute power corrupting absolutely. People like me who relish political theater of the absurd will miss the “Leader;” but most of his people, I suspect, will not. While Gadaffi prepares for his […]

The Rise of Anti-Western Christianity

Matthew Roberts explains why the future of Christianity will be in the Third World rather than in the West. Although Third World Christianity at present may be ethnocentric, some people hope it will eventually become more universalist (ie, more liberal), as Western Christianity has become. But there is […]

A Judge Against the Drug War

Watch the interview. In 1992, Jim Gray, a conservative judge in conservative Orange County, California, held a press conference during which he recommended that we rethink our drug laws. Back then, it took a great deal of courage to suggest that the war on drugs was a failed […]

Campus Witch Hunts

Paul Gottfried on the theocratic institutions of our time. The student posted an anonymous note including a shockingly abusive fact. Matzeliger, it seems, was being honored on Thomas Edison’s birthday. The note implied it might be inappropriate to lavish attention on Matzeliger while ignoring a much more famous […]