The Media’s Spin On Anarchists Reply

True anarchism is ineffective and of a non-threatening nature! Power to the sheeple!

By N. Zero

Nihilo Zero

There has recently been a growing and disturbing trend whereby right-wing idealogues, organizations, and terrorists have been presented in the media as being “anti-government” or even anarchists. This effectively serves to confuse the public about the philosophy of anarchism and what anarchists actually stand for. And this practice will, undoubtedly, have negative consequences for actual anarchist communities.

This inaccurate media portrayal of right wing extremists really caught my attention after the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin – when Amy Goodman subsequently interviewed a former DHS analyst on the subject of “right-wing extremists.” In that interview her guest dismissed the idea that Timothy McVeigh was a racist and no mention of his Christian fundamentalism was put forward. He was described primarily as being involved with “anti-government” militias. This despite the fact that McVeigh constantly praised the Turner Diaries (a novel that romanticizes a race war), which he sold below cost at gun shows, and despite the fact that he was associated with the fundamentalist Christian Identity movement. And, actually, McVeigh was not really anti-government. Rather, he was merely opposed to certain aspects of the government currently in charge. So, while I am a frequent member of DemocracyNow’s audience, I think Ms.Goodman dropped the ball in this particular interview and should have been a little more challenging with her questions.


Hagens Human Cadavers Exhibition: Bodies From Chinese Prisons Reply

By Li

China Smack

Hagens with one of his human cadavers.

From Tianya:

Recently, the “Hagens (Gunther von Hagens) ” story has recently been the focus of public interest. There has been much controversy on an exhibited human cadaver of a young pregnant Chinese woman with an 8-month old baby in her womb. The focus of the controversy is on whether or not the body was legally obtained, because according to national laws, no pregnant woman can be executed, and even if one died of natural causes, according to traditional Chinese culture, no families or relatives would ever send the body to the relevant institution and allow it be turned into a human specimen. However, the human cadavers have no identity or any other information regarding where they come from, which attracted public attention on the legality of the origins of the bodies.

A pregnant woman, one of hagens' exhibitions of human cadavers.


US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude Reply

NBC News, along with a leading US newspaper, insist that Egyptians should be grateful to the US for having ‘freed’ them

By Glenn Greenwald

The Gaurdian

An injured Egyptian protester looks on during clashes with riot police near the US embassy in Cairo.

An injured Egyptian protester looks on during clashes with riot police near the US embassy in Cairo. Photograph: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

One prominent strain shaping American reaction to the protests in the Muslim world is bafflement, and even anger, that those Muslims are not more grateful to the US. After all, goes this thinking, the US bestowed them with the gifts of freedom and democracy – the very rights they are now exercising – so how could they possibly be anything other than thankful? Under this worldview, it is especially confounding that the US, their savior and freedom-provider, would be the target of their rage.

On Wednesday, USA Today published an article with the headline “After attacks in Egypt and Libya, USA Today asks: Why?” The paper appeared to tell its readers that it was the US that freed the Egyptian people from tyranny:

“Attacks in Libya that left four US diplomats dead – including Ambassador Christopher Stevens – and a mob invasion of the US Embassy in Cairo, in which the US flag was torn to shreds, have left many to wonder: How can people the USA helped free from murderous dictators treat it in such a way?”


Blowback in Benghazi? 2

Or was it something worse?
by Justin Raimondo

The murder of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other US diplomats at the hands of rioters probably wasn’t just another case of Islamists-gone-wild. The circumstances surrounding this horrific incident — the riot was in reaction to a “film” supposedly made by a mysterious Israeli-American director under what is probably a pseudonym — point to a carefully staged and well-thought out event. The question is: staged by whom?


Investigative Unit American Killed in Libya Was on Intel Mission to Track Weapons Reply

By Lee Ferran

ABC News

One of the Americans killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Stevens in an attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya Tuesday told ABC News before his death that he was working with the State Department on an intelligence mission to round up dangerous weapons in the war-torn nation.


US Ambassador Lynched like Gaddafi 1

Syriangirlpartisan says:

Please turn on annotations: My Previous youtube video was censored! it got 10,000 views on vimeo before it was also taken down. I have re uploaded it on Liveleak . It is about torture and execution of unarmed prisoners by the FSA.

I make a comment on recent events where the US Ambassador to Libya, one of the spear heads to the war on Libya was ironically lynched by the very same people who he put into power. The plan for a clash of civilisations.


Syria: Christians take up arms for first time Reply

Christian communities in Aleppo have taken up arms and formed their own militias for the first time, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

A fighter with the Free Syria Army (FSA) fires his weapon during skirmishes in the contested neighborhood of Izza in the northern city of Aleppo.

A fighter with the Free Syria Army (FSA) fires his weapon during skirmishes in the contested neighborhood of Izza in the northern city of Aleppo. Photo: Zac Baillie/AFP/Getty Images

By , Carol Malouf in Beirut

Christian Science Monitor

The Christian community has tried to avoid taking sides in the civil war. In Aleppo, it recruited vigilantes from the Boy Scout movement to protect churches, but as the war moved into the city and spread across its suburbs they have begun to accept weapons from the Syrian army and joined forces with Armenian groups to repel opposition guerrillas.

DARPA’s Pets Reply

“Paging John Connor..”

DARPA’s Cheetah Bot Breaks Human, Robot Speed Records

By Stephanie Mlot


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Boston Dynamics have unleashed a legged robot that’s even faster than Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

The Cheetah recently broke its own land speed record of 18 mph, running a 20-meter split at 28.3 mph, faster than the world record for a human set in 2009 when Usain Bolt reached a peak speed of 27.78 mph.


We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say Reply

By Brian Merchant

Mother Board


What’s the number one reason we riot? The plausible, justifiable motivations of trampled-upon humanfolk to fight back are many—poverty, oppression, disenfranchisement, etc—but the big one is more primal than any of the above. It’s hunger, plain and simple. If there’s a single factor that reliably sparks social unrest, it’s food becoming too scarce or too expensive. So argues a group of complex systems theorists in Cambridge, and it makes sense.


5 More Indicted in Fort Stewart Militia Case Reply

By Ryan Smith

Five more men have been indicted in connection with a militia group said to have carried out the murder of a former Fort Stewart soldier and his girlfriend, the Associated Press reports. Four of the men are former soldiers.

Christopher Jenderseck, 26, Adam Dearman, 27, Timothy Joiner, 21, and Anthony Garner, 23, all former soldiers, were indicted Tuesday on charges of illegal gang activity, including auto break-ins and burglaries, according to the AP. Dearman’s brother, civilian Randall Blake Dearman, was also charged.


Negative energy. Reply

Neckbeard Chronicles
By Mojo

My new partner in crime Tim met up with Matt Forney and told him to not write so negatively. Initially I scoffed at the idea, pointing out that negative writing is a lot more entertaining. But I have to concede that Tim and Ulysses are right; it can become draining after a while.

There’s a lot that’s been percolating in my mind since Attack the System started robbing my intellectual content. I’ve spent more time at that site, reading up on the various anarchisms of the right (infinitely more impressive and substantive than left anarchisms with their pathetic liberal pet causes). The ideas of Max Stirner, Julius Evola, Aleister Crowley, even Keith Preston, are so heretical in the egalitarian, progressive modern West. That’s what is so attractive about them – that, and the way they speak to something within me that has been muted, but not destroyed, by totalitarian humanism.


Photos of dead police officer posted outside Tennessee farm Reply

One of the graphic images posted on the Houston brothers’ property (Saul Young/Knoxville News Sentinel/AP)

Two brothers who shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy have placed photos of the slain lawman outside the entrance of their farm, calling it a “warning” to other law enforcement officials.

The Associated Press reports that the photos show the “bullet-riddled bodies” of Roane County Deputy Bill Jones and ride-along Mike Brown, who were shot and killed on May 11, 2006, after arriving at the home of Rocky Houston to deliver an arrest warrant.


Huge Barcelona rally demands secession from Spain Reply

Photo: Supporters demonstrate in Barcelona in an unprecedented show of mass support for autonomy from Madrid. (AFP: Lluis Gene)

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans have taken to the streets of Barcelona in an unprecedented show of mass support for autonomy from Madrid, blaming Spain’s economic crisis for dragging their wealthy region down.

Surging unemployment and financial disarray have stoked calls for separatism in Catalonia, a comparatively prosperous part of Spain whose political leaders say their wealth is being sucked dry by the central government.


Masculinity Is Not Revolutionary 3

DGR in the United States…

You must become a feminist to be a true revolutionary!

By Kid Cutback

Revolutionaries of many types maintain that resistance by any means necessary is required to stop momentous social injustice and environmental degradation. These activists recognize that those in power are the enemy and that the enemy will stop at nothing unless forced to do otherwise. Following this understanding, militancy is understood to be appropriate given the situation.

Applied appropriately, militancy is an approach to activism that pledges a steadfast dedication to physically intervene, when necessary, in the violation of living beings and the destruction of communities. This militancy is often rooted in healthy communal norms and an allegiance to the bodily integrity of all beings.

Nanotechnology: Armed resistance Reply

DGR in Mexico.

Nature assesses the aftermath of a series of nanotechnology-lab bombings in Mexico — and asks how the country became a target of eco-anarchists.

By Leigh Phillips

Under attack: policemen stand guard outside the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education after a letter bomb exploded there in August 2011.


Murderous Equality Reply

By Andy Nowicki

Why are all these people dead?

“Equality” is one of the hoariest cliches and most pernicious slogans of modern times. Said to derive from a supposedly common-sense notion of fairness, the mad clamor underway to equalize the human race in fact has no basis whatsoever in justice or reality, human or otherwise. Ironically, the idea of equality is almost inevitably deeply debasing to a culture; pushing for greater “equality” does nothing to make the dumb smart, the ugly beautiful, or the poor rich; instead, it only makes nearly everything— be it fashion, the arts, language, commerce, or general human interaction– duller, less pleasant, less orderly, less desirable, and infinitely more tacky, tawdry, and loathsome. More crucially, the ramming of equality down our collective gullet requires the construction of a hateful bureaucracy to monitor, control, and altogether enslave the very people it supposedly wishes to uplift and empower. The imposition of equality, that is, requires the self-appointment of a vanguard elite who arrogate to themselves the task of being the equalizers. Thus the attempt to construct a society of “equals” invariably leads to perpetual exercise of tyranny.


Abolish Government Anarchists = Allies of Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1% Reply

Abolish Government Anarchists: “Don’t vote. We shouldn’t be trying to fix the system by ending the bribery, we should be abolishing government all together. Yes while we tell people not to vote the interests that we are supposidely fighting against will get even stronger and our system will become even more screwed up. But still…Don’t vote!”

Wallstreet, Corporations and the 1%: “Holy sh.., Thanks guys!”.

Abolish Government Anarchists: “Even though we claim to be nonviolent we will not openly challenge any Anarchists that use violence in their tactics…even though it really hurts the perception of Occupy”


Hope & Change Liberals Protest Obama, So Why Aren’t They Called Racists Like the Tea Party? Reply

This is an older video but still a relevant and well done dismembering of hypocritical leftist sheeple.

“President Obama recently held a fundraiser at the House of Blues in California. But the Rockstar-in-Chief was met with furious liberal protesters. Does that mean they are racist? What makes a liberal protest any different than the Tea Party? Alfonzo Rachel investigates in the latest ZoNation.”

‘Lesser Evil’ Voters: Stop Enabling Your Abusers (part 2) 1

Some on the left are getting it right. Mickey Z. channels Derrick Jensen’s talking points in his call for decentralization.

By Mickey Z.

08 September, 2012
World News Trust

Photo Credit: Mickey Z.

“I think it is dangerous to confuse the idea of democracy with elections. Just because you have elections doesn’t mean you’re a democratic country.” —Arundhati Roy

(Read part 1 of this article here)

A liberal and a progressive walk into a restaurant called Democracy.


Thomas Naylor Continues His Role As An Anti-American, Anti-Semitic Tool of Iran’s Propaganda Ministry Reply

This guy really hates the Second Vermont Republic but you have to wonder why he keeps writing about Vermont secessionists even though no one seems to leave comments on any of his posts… Let’s give his some site traffic and maybe he’ll be kind enough to add Attack the System to his “neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, Paleoconservative, Racist, White Separatist, anti-Government, Sovereignty Activists, and Related Links, as well as Their Enablers and Supporters” blogroll section.

Back in December of 2011 I wrote about the Second Vermont Republic’s founder, Thomas H. Naylor’s repeated attacks on the U.S. via Iran’s propaganda website Press TV, the 24-hour English language news network owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. When Press TV was first created in July of 2007 it made a short lived pretense at offering news broadcasts that, while often amateurish, utilized presenters with real news backgrounds. That soon came to an end during Iran’s 2009 election and the resulting demonstrations. In its short, five year existence Press TV has been mired in controversy, not the least of which has been its reliance on U.S. writers and bloggers with strong ties to the American anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying and, at times, neo-Nazi associated website community like CounterPunch, Veterans Today and American Free Press.


Feds: Cop Pulled Over Female Drivers To Look At Their Breasts Reply

File photo of a police car with its lights on. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

File photo of a police car with its lights on. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) [LOL]

MIAMI (CBS Tampa) – An officer with the Miami-Dade police department was arrested by federal authorities for stopping female drivers for no other reason than to initiate “sexually suggestive conversations.”

According to the Miami Herald, 33-year-old officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi was arrested by FBI agents inside police headquarters on Wednesday.


On Antifa Reply

By the River Runs Black

Behold, the antifa!  A beta male of beta males, a sore of the West’s spiritual leprosy.

Growing up, the antifa never found proper release for the angst sown deeply in his soul from his trying life in a 95% white, middle-class suburb of Portland.  His parents divorced at an early age, and he struggled socially in high school.  Always the awkward, passive type, the larval-stage antifa floundered profusely with the ladies growing up.  It just didn’t make sense to him.  He bent over backwards for girls, treated them with respect, worshiped the ground they walked on, and listened to their problems, and yet they always went for the jerks that mocked his frail physique instead.  Often, before his forthcoming womynist enlightenment, he would mutter under his breath, “all women are bitches.”