After Charlottesville, Let’s Speak the Hard Truths, Not Just Moral Truisms

I don’t share these authors’ paleconnish, Catholic traditionalist ideology, but this article makes some really salient points. The neo-Nazis and other similar groups are misfits that do everything they possibly can to marginalize themselves (Sorry, but marching with torches and chanting, “Jews will not replace us!” won’t “play in Peoria”). The “fascists” are disapproved of by 100% of the elite, 100% of the media and 99% of the general public. They are the Official Bad People that have in many ways become a socially approved scapegoat group: “Having a bad day? Blame the neo-Nazis!” Meanwhile, it is the Israel Lobby that is literally trying to outlaw the BDS movement, and the primary  threats to academic freedom and free speech generally are coming from the corporations, universities, and howling mobs of ostensible “leftists” (i.e. “red fascists” as Susan Sontag one called them).

By Jason Jones and John Zmirak

Brown Pelican Society

The riot in Charlottesville, Virginia is a stain on America. It’s the fruit of growing political hate at both ends of the spectrum. It’s also a failure of law and order. The authorities’ first job is to keep the peace, while protecting the free speech rights even of the nastiest among us.