Twenty Years of Attack the System: Was 2020 a Vindication? 3

By Keith Preston

It was 20 years ago this month, in January of 2001, that AttacktheSystem.Com first appeared.

Previously, I had been involved in radical activities since the late 1980s. For about five years, I was a conventional left-wing anarchist, engaging in strike support (Eastern Airlines, Greyhound Bus, Pittston Coal); antiwar activism (Central America, Indonesia, Cambodia, Persian Gulf War);  joining the IWW and IWA/WSA;  participating in riots in New York, Toronto, Berkeley, and at the Pentagon; creating student anarchist groups, a May Day festival, and homeless benefits; attending left-wing demonstrations (abortion, environment, war, homeless, anti-Klan);  teaching a class on anarchism at an alternative school; attending an anarchist convention San Francisco and the founding gathering of Love and Rage; being distributor/writer for anarchist ‘zines, conducting anti-racism workshops, meeting a range of Left luminaries (Stokely Carmichael, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Philip Agee, Michael Parenti), attending early Green meetings in the US, spending many hours in the HX833 section of the library reading books on anarchist history, and too many other activities to remember. I mention all this merely to point out that I was the real deal.


Do You Remember Cuba’s Dedication to Angola? 1

by Don Fitz

Cuban blood left its stamp on the conscience of the world after the Angolan Wars of 1975-1988.  Corporate politicians are united in their desire for us to ignore this reality.

*                                              *                                              *

Fed up with foreign wars, Portuguese officers overthrew Prime Minister Marcello Caetano on April 25, 1974.  Many former colonies had the opportunity to define their own future.

Angola had been the richest of Portuguese colonies, with major production in coffee, diamonds, iron ore and oil.  Of the former colonies, it had the largest white population, which numbered 320,000 of about 6.4 million.  When 90% of its white population fled in 1974, Angola lost most of its skilled labor.

Three groups juggled for power.  The Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), headed by Agostinho Neto was the only progressive alternative.  The National Front for the Liberation of Angola (NFLA), led by Holden Roberto, gained support from Zaire’s right-wing Joseph Mobutu, a conspirator in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.  Jonas Savimbi, who ran the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), worked hand-in-hand with South Africa’s apartheid regime.


Kick the Puppy S2: E3 Reply

Keith, Emma & RJ

01/18/21 – The Beer Belly Putsch, Trump is impeached but not just in the house, what will happen next, counter-elite development, revolutionary ideas, revolutionary leaders, gerontocracy, Uganda and Bobi Wine, a future of celebrity politicians, Reagan was a terrible actor, Facebook suspends Ron Paul following column criticizing big tech, Youtube bans Steve Bannon’s podcast channel, tribalized media, tech elites as the new church, the Capitol rioters weren’t “low class,” the front end of the Beer Belly More…

Killing Nora: The Real Reason Trump Should Have Been Impeached 1

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

It’s pretty much an open secret at this point that all American presidents are certifiable war criminals, even the supposedly good ones. Thomas Jefferson killed the Indians he admired and raped his slaves when he wasn’t busy denouncing slavery. FDR put an entire race in concentration camps and even that dovish hayseed, Jimmy Carter, was a founding father of Al-Qaeda. Violating human rights comes with the job description when you run a runaway empire. Noam Chomsky probably put it best when he observed that, if held to the same standards as the Nuremberg Tribunals, every American president would swing from the end of a noose-


New Administration “Moving in Laser Like Fashion” to Uncover “Even Libertarians” in “an Unholy Alliance” Reply

By Eugene Volokh,

From his appearance on MSNBC yesterday (I quote from the transcript):

We are now looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed, are now moving in laser like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and it brings together an unholy alliance frequently of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, Nativists, even libertarians.


Idaho Legislators Aim to Protect State Funds with Gold and Silver Reply

By Jp Cortez, Sound Money Defense League

The recent explosion of money printing and debt-funded spending by the U.S. in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a renewed interest in the key role gold and silver play in hedging against systemic risks.

That’s why a group of Idaho legislators are working to secure a role for the monetary metals in hedging the Gem State’s government reserves.

Introduced by Representative Ron Nate (R-Rexburg) and Senator Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens), House Bill 7 would permit – but not require – the State Treasurer to hold some portion of state funds in physical gold and silver to help secure state assets against the risks of inflation and financial turmoil and/or to achieve capital gains as measured in Federal Reserve Notes.


Biden and the Demonization of Anarchism Reply

By Eric Fleischmann, Center for a Stateless Society

This year, in response to nationwide protests against police brutality, President Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to associate Black Lives Matter with anarchists and anarchism. He has tweeted such threatening posts as just the phrase “Anarchists, we see you!” with a video of a man dressed in black at one protest, and he has referred to protesters in Portland, Oregon as “anarchists who hate our Country” and called for Governor Kate Brown to “clear out, and in some cases arrest, the Anarchists & Agitators in Portland.” It is certainly true that many anarchists—such as myself—have been involved in Black Lives Matter protests, but it is obvious that President Trump is not making an objective ideological observation but rather is attempting to use anarchist as a ‘dirty word’ intended to make protestors out to be terroristic criminals.

This is unsurprising coming from a right-wing, authoritarian, corporate capitalist (one might even succinctly say ‘fascist’) who obviously sees anarchism as the antithesis of his vision of the world, but this rhetoric is not confined to Trump and Trumpist Republicans. Recently, in a speech delivered in Wilmington, Delaware, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden employed a similar tactic in the following statement: “I’ve said from the outset of the recent protests that there’s no place for violence or destruction of property. Peaceful protesters should be protected, and arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted, and local law enforcement can do that.”


Biden’s Cesar Chavez bust in the Oval Office signals a new era for Latinos, activists hope: ‘It shows that he’s authentic’ 1

I can think of few things that more perfectly symbolize what the Democrats are about than Biden’s placing a bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office (supposedly in the place of Winston Churchill) while recognizing Juan Gaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela. Of course, the Ben Shapiro-Charlie Kirk Axis of Idiocy is claiming this is proof of Biden’s incipient Bolshevism. Yeah, he’s a regular Allende. Essentially, we’ve replaced one moderate Republican with another.

Andrea Salcedo, Washington Post

Paul Chavez was watching TV coverage of President Biden’s first address from the Oval Office on Wednesday when he suddenly recognized the sculpture right behind him.

It was his father.

The 22-inch-tall bronze bust of civil rights and farm labor leader Cesar Chavez stood just behind the Resolute Desk, surrounded by portraits of the president and his family.

“We were just as surprised and thrilled as everybody else to see its placement, it was so prominent,” Paul Chavez, 63, told The Washington Post late Wednesday. “We were excited not just because it was a bust of my father, but what it represented. To us, it was an affirmation of the importance and the contributions of our community, immigrants and Latinos.”


Anti-fascist protesters vandalize buildings in Portland and Seattle Reply

Glad to see they are being non-partisan.

(Reuters) – Anti-government and anti-fascist protesters in Portland and Seattle vandalized a Democratic Party office and other buildings and scuffled with police on Wednesday, protesting against President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

People dressed in black and with their faces covered broke windows and the glass door at the Democratic Party of Oregon business office in Portland, spray-painting an anarchist symbol over the party sign, video posted on social media showed.

“We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres,” read a banner they marched under.


Protesters march through downtown Seattle streets as demonstration turns chaotic Reply

by Alfred Charles, Executive Producer

Hours after President Joe Biden was sworn into office and implored the nation to come together, dozens of protesters gathered Wednesday afternoon in Seattle’s Occidental Park for a tense demonstration that included a march through downtown in which a flag was set on fire.

Three people were arrested as of Wednesday evening — two for property damage after multiple windows were shattered at the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse at 6th Avenue and Spring Street and at the Original Starbucks store in Pike Place Market. A woman was also arrested for investigation of assault at 2nd Avenue and Cherry Street.


More than 100 Civil Rights Groups Agree: We Don’t Need New Domestic Terrorism Laws Reply

I’m sure these “100 civil rights groups” will be taken very seriously by Sleepy Joe and Police State Kamala.

By Scott Shackford, Reason

Civil rights groups across the country are urging President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as Congressional Democrats, not to pass new laws to address any potential threats from white nationalists emboldened by and loyal to former President Donald Trump.

In a letter dated Tuesday, 135 civil rights organizations—ranging from religious groups, immigration advocates, and LGBT organizations to the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People—expressed their concerns about calls to pass new criminal laws in the wake of the riot and temporary invasion of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters:

The Justice Department (DOJ), including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has over 50 terrorism-related statutes it can use to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct, including white supremacist violence, as well as dozens of other federal statutes relating to hate crimes, organized crime, and violent crimes. The failure to confront and hold accountable white nationalist violence is not a question of not having appropriate tools to employ, but a failure to use those on hand. To date, DOJ has simply decided as a matter of policy and practice not to prioritize white nationalist crimes.


Nonviolent Activists Laid the Groundwork to Oppose a Coup. They May Have Saved the Republic Reply

So if they have all of this infrastructure together why aren’t they doing something a little more radical like, I dunno, overthrowing the empire?

By Stephen Zunes. Yes Magazine

Since President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive win in November, there has been understandable consternation at the efforts by President Trump and his supporters to steal the election. It is also important to understand why, so far, and despite the recent violence in Washington, his attempts have been unsuccessful.

In the months leading up to the Nov. 3 election, many of us were warning that, even if the face of a clear Biden victory, Trump and the Republicans might attempt a de facto coup. We warned that Trump might declare victory on election night before all the votes are counted, that he and his supporters would make false charges of vote fraud, and that he would refuse to concede even after it was clear that Biden was the winner. We also expressed concerns that his campaign would wage a legal battle to challenge the legitimate results, try to convince Republican election officials not to certify the results, encourage state legislatures to appoint Republican electors regardless of the vote count in the state, and convince the Republican-dominated federal judiciary to uphold these illegal measures.


John Brennan Says Biden Intel ALREADY Ramping Up Domestic Surveillance Reply

The most serious domestic issue at present. The modern police state really began with Nixon’s war on drugs in the 1970s, which was expanded by Reagan and Poppy Bush in the 80s. It then became a general war on crime, guns, gangs, etc, in the 1990s, following by Dubyas’s war on terrorism in the 2000s, which was continued by Obama and Trump. Now the Bidenists want to expand the domestic terror war.