The Future of the United States?

These are my basic thoughts on what the future of the USA is likely to look like: Direct American military interventionism is likely to become less common, with the use of international institutions, client states, mercenaries, proxy armies, “dollar diplomacy,” soft power, cultural imperialism, economic sanctions, etc. as […]

Social anarchism and organisation

By Jonathan Payn This document, first published in Portuguese under the title  Anarquismo Social e Organização and adopted at the first Congress of the  Feder-ação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro in August 2008, seeks to map out the FARJ’s theoretical conception of an organised, class struggle anarchism and, […]

Professor rebukes social justice theory in scathing video. Despite student pressure, he refuses to resign.

By Ben Zeisloft, Campus Reform After a University of Vermont professor criticized the notion of “whiteness,” administrators denounced his comments and students called for his resignation. The professor refuses to resign. In a YouTube video entitled “Racism and the Secular Religion at the University of Vermont,” education professor […]

Why the backfire effect does not explain the durability of political misperceptions

By Brendan Nyhan Previous research indicated that corrective information can sometimes provoke a so-called “backfire effect” in which respondents more strongly endorsed a misperception about a controversial political or scientific issue when their beliefs or predispositions were challenged. I show how subsequent research and media coverage seized on […]

Limitless Misrule

A pretty good critique of progressive totalitarianism from a conservative/constitutionalist perspective. By William Voegeli, American Mind When it comes to progressive ambitions, nothing is off the table. Editors’ Note The Claremont Institute’s DC Center for the American Way of Life is a new initiative for actively counteracting the […]

“Cancel culture” and Solidarity

By Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski We’re looking forward to our conversation this Friday with Dan Kovalik, author of Cancel This Book: The Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture. In advance of this conversation, we’re thinking about how the Left will build an unapologetic movement for equality that goes […]

Who Are the Squares?

By Gentleman Bandit How a dwindling minority of mid-caste teacher’s pets dominate the expert class despite their near-total lack of experience. I’ve written before about the Square University Culture. I don’t mean everybody who attends university — I mean people who are born in comfortable circumstances, advance easily […]

Biden Re-Ignites the Waco Fire

By James Bovard, The American Conservative Last week, President Joe Biden nominated David Chipman to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the premier federal firearms enforcement agency. Biden complemented that announcement with a call for a national red flag law to entitle police […]