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US Discovers Huge Lithium Deposit: What It Means…

by Peter Zeihan on October 2, 2023

Well, it sounds like the US finally decided to join in on the fun and make a lithium discovery of their own. This deposit is – supposedly – the largest ever, and it is located in the McDermitt Caldera near the Oregon-Nevada border.

I want to make clear that these are only estimates, so don’t pop the bubbly quite yet. On top of that, permitting and infrastructure buildout will take years to complete. Even when all that is done, lithium’s battery chemistry remains sub-optimal and has several limitations.

Despite these challenges, the McDermitt Caldera lithium deposit has the potential to shake up the industry. The US needs to balance this discovery with investments in researching better battery chemistry alternatives.

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US Discovers Huge Lithium Deposit (What It Means...) || Peter Zeihan

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