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10/2/23: Gaetz Promises End To McCarthy Speakership, UK Sending Troops To Ukraine, RFK Jr. To Run As Independent, 2nd Debate Ratings Bomb, Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Scandal, New Orleans Poison Pipes, What’s “Real” Ukraine Victory

Krystal and Saagar discuss Gavin Newsom replacing the Dianne Feinstein Senate seat with a corporate Kamala stooge, Matt Gaetz promises to end the McCarthy speakership, Establishment freaks over fitting Ukraine aid into new bill, UK plans to send British troops to Ukraine, an Anti-Ukraine populist wins in NATO country, RFK Jr. to announce an independent run for president, the 2nd Republican debate bombs in the ratings, Is Jamaal Bowman a liar on the “Fire Alarm” Scandal?, Krystal looks into the New Orleans nightmare water crisis that could poison the city’s pipes, and Saagar looks into the history of the Winter War and what real victory looks like for Ukraine.

(00:00)Intro (3:04)Gavin Newsom Appoints CA Senator Corpo Stooge (9:47)Gaetz Promises End to McCarthy (21:49)Establishment Freaks On Ukraine Aid (29:04)UK Sending British Troops To Ukraine (38:03)Anti Ukraine War Candidate Wins NATO Country Election (44:00)RFK Jr. To Announce Independent Run (55:02)2nd GOP Debate Ratings Bomb (1:03:33)Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Debate (1:11:42)Krystal on NOLA Water Crisis (1:19:12)Saagar on The Winter War and Ukraine Victory (1:34:06)EoS

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