Angel at war with Holland

By Aleksey Bashtavenko

Academic Composition


In the quaint town of Villa Perdida, nestled in the heart of Andalusia, there lived a man named Angel. It was the year 1590, during the height of the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and Holland. Angel found himself working as a bureaucrat in the town hall, surrounded by the chaos of war and the demands of paperwork.

His desk was piled high with documents, and his quill moved swiftly across the parchment as he diligently reviewed applications and granted permits. Angel, with his round figure and spectacles perched on his nose, was known for his attention to detail and methodical approach to his work.

One fateful day, as the sounds of distant cannon fire echoed through the town, Angel’s co-worker, Rodrigo, approached him with a sense of urgency. Rodrigo was a zealous bureaucrat, always pushing for efficiency and speed.

“Angel, we need to work faster! The war effort requires immediate action, and the paperwork cannot be delayed!” Rodrigo exclaimed, his voice tinged with impatience.

Angel looked up from his desk, weary eyes meeting Rodrigo’s gaze. “Why?! What are you doing to me now?” Angel exclaimed, exasperated. “I thought you were a friend, but you’re an evil person!”

Rodrigo was taken aback by Angel’s outburst. He had only intended to motivate his colleague to expedite their work. “Angel, I understand your frustration, but we must keep up with the demands of the war. Lives are at stake, and our efficiency can make a difference.”

Angel sighed deeply, his immortal soul burdened by the weight of centuries of bureaucracy. “I know, Rodrigo. But I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by it all. The paperwork never ends, and the war seems to consume everything. I long for a time when simplicity and humanity prevailed over this tangled web of bureaucracy.”

Rodrigo’s stern expression softened as he realized the toll the never-ending paperwork had taken on Angel. “I understand, my friend. The burdens we bear in times of conflict can be heavy. But remember, amidst the chaos, our work serves a purpose. It ensures order and stability, even if it may seem suffocating at times.”

Angel nodded, a glimmer of understanding shining in his eyes. “You’re right, Rodrigo. Our work matters, and I will strive to do my part. Let us shoulder this responsibility together, even if it means battling the frustrations that come with it.”

And so, Angel and Rodrigo resumed their duties side by side, their quills scratching across the parchment, each stroke inching them closer to their shared goal. In the midst of war, they found solace in their camaraderie and a renewed determination to navigate the treacherous waters of bureaucracy.

As the years rolled on and the war continued, Angel remained steadfast in his duties. The echoes of cannons and the distant cries of soldiers served as a constant reminder of the high stakes of their work. And though Angel yearned for simplicity, he knew that his role as an immortal bureaucrat was an important thread in the tapestry of Spanish life during those tumultuous times.

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