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2/3/23 Weekly Roundup: Paul Pelosi Video Released, Bill Maher to CNN, Buzzfeed ChatGPT, Bernie Vs Pharma, Bill Gates on Epstein Ties, How George Santos Emerged

In this Weekly Roundup we cover the new footage released from Paul Pelosi’s home invasion, Bill Maher’s Overtime moving to CNN, Buzzfeed laying off 12% of its workforce and replacing them with CHATGPT, Bernie bringing the hammer down on Pharma, Bill Gates squirming under questions about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, and our new partner Spencer Snyder explores the making of George Santos.

Timestamps: Pelosi: (00:00) Maher: (5:30) Buzzfeed: (9:58) Bernie: (13:13) Gates: (22:03) Spencer: (27:58)

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