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Thom Hartmann EXPOSES Hidden History Of The Supreme Court

Coming off a busy and fun week of live shows, we’re giving you a one-of-a-kind crossover episode between KK&F and Kyle’s Secular Talk. Between our regular show and Secular Talk, we’re covering everything, from Kanye West’s appearance on InfoWars (and what Alex Jones expected versus what happened) to Kyle’s convo with someone he describes as an idol of his, Thom Hartmann. Hartmann is a celebrated radio host (yes, that Thom Hartmann Show), whose progressive commentary on current events over the past few decades has become a staple of left media. Here’s the conversation:

“Real OG” Thom Hartmann joins Kyle for an interview that’s been a long time in the making; Thom is a major influence for Kyle, someone whose coverage of leftist issues inspired him to work left independent media. He joins us to talk about money in politics, the legal precedent for the treatment of corporations as people (bet you didn’t know that this precedent goes all the way back to 1886), and much more. In our discussion, Thom describes how the constitutional amendments so central to American liberty (freedom of speech, equal protection under the law) became the target of nineteenth-century railroad corporations seeking human rights for their capitalist enterprises.

As Thom explains, railroad companies sought to remake themselves as “artificial people” — corporations, acting as humans with human rights — because the constitutional rights guaranteed to Americans would give these companies immense political power. Sound familiar? We’re 136 years out from the legal challenges creating that precedent, and our political moment is the natural endpoint of what those companies started in 1886. Right now, railroad workers’ survival is on the line as they’ve gone toe to toe with greedy bosses for sick leave, only to have Congress side with the bosses. It’s so important that we understand what our government calls progress and what it doesn’t — this gives us the power to know who’s on our side, how we should vote, where our movement is going next. Luckily, on this episode of KK&F, we’ve got Thom Hartmann to tune us into the history we need to fully understand what’s at stake in the present.

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