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Why are Western Fanboys of Ukraine Delusional?

Since the start of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war in late February of this year, I have noticed something which is simultaneously interesting and comical. As noted in the title of this post, you also might have noticed that western fanboys of Ukraine are.. a bit detached from reality, to put it mildly. To be clear, there is a spectrum of uncritical fanboys of Ukraine- specifically about its chance of victory in ongoing war. Some are paid shills and sockpuppets who will dutifully repeat whatever their paymasters order them to regurgitate that day or week. Others are western military “experts” who have never fought a war against a peer adversary in addition to repeatedly losing against peasants with not much more than AK-47s and RPG-7s. It is, however, worth noting that most western fanboys of Ukraine are neither shills nor “experts”.

So what motivates them to constantly and enthusiastically pretend that Ukraine has a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing against Russia? Some might blame propaganda by western governments and institutions, however as I wrote in a couple of previous posts (link 1, link 2), propaganda works by validating what people already believe. This is why, the majority of people in most countries outside the West see this conflict very differently from those inside it. But why do most people in the West believe what they believe? Well.. the very short answer to this question is that many people in the West no longer live in the world of physical reality. The longer version, which is discussed in the remainder of this post, is that current western fanboy-ism towards Ukraine is part of a much larger behavior pattern, that has been manifesting itself at an alarming and rapidly increasing rate during the past two decades.

On a previous blog, I wrote a couple of series about how the increasing tendency of people in western countries to believe in ludicrous stuff, the collapse of competence among processionals and institutions, widespread technological stagnation and rise of secular religions such as environmentalism, feminisms, LGBTQ-ism etc are symptoms of the same underlying condition. FYI- I will republish polished and updated versions of those series on this Substack in the next couple of months. But let us get back to the topic of this post- why are unpaid western fanboys of Ukraine so delusional about the chances of that country prevailing against Russia? To understand what I am going to say next, we will have to first talk about the concept of wishful thinking- specifically how it came to replace rational and objective analysis in the West.


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