Important Ukraine War Update

The Secret of the Ukrainian War

I’ve just been shown some new information on the war in Ukraine that casts the entire conflict in a new light. I present here a summary of my key takeaways. This information comes from a video recorded on September 23rd:

The host of the show “IvanTheHeathen,” is a Ukrainian native who speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English (obviously). You should watch the entire video yourself, but here is the basic summary:

On February 24th, 2022, the Ukrainian government was filled with fifth-columnists who intended to surrender the country to Russia. This goes all the way up to President Zelensky himself, who was not, in fact, a western stooge, but a Russian one. President Zelensky had issued orders to the Ukrainian military designed to allow the Russian army to simply march into the country and take it over without a fight; however, Ukrainian generals loyal to Ukraine, and not its jewish President, disobeyed orders and arranged for a real defense of Ukraine. What proceeded to happen is that the Russian military marched into the country as planned, but began to face opposition that it not only did not expect, but was entirely unprepared for. The military force that Mr. Putin sent into Russia was nothing more than a military parade that would accept the surrender of Ukraine and cede control over the country, in whole or in part, to Russia. Mr. Putin made the grave mistake of believing that President Zelensky was Ukraine, when in fact, he was not. Russia therefor found itself in a war that was not supposed to happen.

I find the gentleman’s take very compelling, because the narrative he presents explains many mysterious things about this war that I have yet to make sense of. Please note, I also find his own reasoning for why you should trust him compelling, but I would be more skeptical if his story did not possess the explanatory power that it does.

Here is some of what the video explains, roughly in chronological order:

1) The immense Russian death toll at the beginning of the war.


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