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Since I’m often asked here goes.

1. He is consistent with a liberal Republican, Blue Dog Democrat, or Ed Koch Democrat.

2. He is similar to Nixon in the sense of being a Rockefeller New York liberal who pretends to be George Wallace.

3. He functions as a cult leader like Joel Osteen, Ron Hubbard, or Tony Robbins.

4. He has authoritarian tendencies and would gladly appoint himself president for life (like Erdogan).

5. He has zero support from the wider ruling class for #4.

6. He treats his “base” as useful idiots which they are.

7. He is far less dangerous than the actual Republican elites (the “donor class”)

8. He panders to the donor class 90% of the time.

9. It’s that other 10% that pisses off the wider ruling class.

10. He is actually a very weak leader who is his own worst enemy and falls into one blunder after another.

11. The ruling class, including the GOP donor class, is trying to purge him because he is not a team player but a loose cannon.

12. Much of this is a status issue within the ruling class.

13. The old WASP elites hate him because he is the grandson of German immigrants.

14. The Jewish elite hates him for exactly the same reason.

15. The Silicon Valley elite hate him because he is too proletarian in tastes (McDonald’s, wrestling, and all that)

16. The Deep State hates him because he has too strong non-interventionist instincts for their preferences.

17. The liberal class and cultural elite hate him because he panders to social, religious, and cultural conservatives, and the traditional working class generally.

18. His legal shenanigans are no different than those of Nixon, Berlusconi, or Netanyahu

19. The most corrupt thing about him is his connections to the Saudi royal family and his son-in-law’s connections to Israel. He’s no different than the Bushes in this sense.

20. J6 was the most limp-dicked “coup attempt” in history.

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  1. > 13. The old WASP elites hate him because he is the grandson of German immigrants.

    This is how absurd, even comical, the New Left 60s paradigm really was. That class long dropped radicalism and became the New Establishment, the Bernie Leftists who still believe this long outdated political line are basically a Cargo Cult.

    What no mention of Resorts International? Michael Cohen, Jeff Bezos? JCPOA?

    Can you name a single – just one – actual “WASP establishment” figure with bigotry against 19th century German immigrants?
    I mean one in real life in 2022 not from a Hollywood movie or a socialist novella?

    No it’s some golf club conflict between Anglos and Germans?

    The Anglos who run Wall Street, perhaps?

    Is that a joke?

    Leftism: not even once.

    Leftists can tell the truth so they make up this hysterical fiction.

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