The Conservative Anarchist: Can an anarchist be socially conservative?

I’m rather surprised that the Blue Tribe fundamentalists at C4SS allowed this to be published. Read the article here.

Marxists will point out that techno-economic evolution passes through a series of epochs where a different mode of production is dominant. Hunter-gatherer, horticultural/pastoral, agrarian-slavocratic, agrarian-feudal/caste, industrial-proletarian, and, now, digital/precariat.

The evolution of thought has unfolded in the same way. Ancient paganism/polytheism, medieval Abrahamism, and modern secularism/rationalism/scientism. Political institutions have evolved on a parallel basis.

The god-emperors of antiquity and their empires, the divine right monarchs of the Middle Ages and their kingdoms, and the liberal bourgeoisie of modernity and their nation-states, with presidential and parliamentary governments.

I am increasingly of the view that the historic role of Communism cannot be understood without an understanding of three core concepts:

1. The god-emperor political model of the Ancient Near East and East Asia

2. Marx’s theory of the Asiatic mode of production

3. Mises’ conception of “military socialism.”

Communism was a synthesis of all of these.

We now seem to be moving toward an era of post-nationalism, post-capitalism, and postmodernism (or post-postmodernism).

The metaphysical orientation of the anarchist post-civilizational meta-polity would likely include paganism, Abrahamism, modernism, postmodernism, mysticism, and dichotomous paradoxicalism among its building blocks.

My view is that anarchist meta-polity would need to be decentralist, polycentrist, or polyarchist before it would need to be liberal, conservative, or any of these other things. Although on an intermediary level it would need elements of liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, and socialism, even if all of these things are individually inadequate.

On a micro-level, the anarchist meta-polity would reflect extreme dichotomies (the yin and yang) along with an infinite number of variations and hybrids, indicating infinity diversity in infinite combinations. Therefore, some micro-level forms of social organization would be ultra-libertarian, libertarian, ultra-liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative, ultra-conservative, reactionary, or ultra-reactionary. For example, anarcho-primitivism is probably the most reactionary position there with advocacy of space colonies being the most progressive position. Buddhist monasteries are probably among the most conservative communities with red light districts being the most libertarian. A community that declares animals to be equal with humans would be the most liberal.

The thinking of most mainstream and even not-so-mainstream ideologues about many things is actually quite limited in scope. For example, among the most controversial topical eras of our time are law enforcement, environmentalism, racism, and the growing East-West rivalry. A more forward-looking set of radical movements might engage in activities like the following:

We need one of those bad old Red-Brown alliances to defund the police and abolish the FBI. We need mass protests similar to the Vietnam War era to defund the police and defund federal alphabet soup agencies and for a prisoner amnesty program similar to Saddam’s from 2002.

The only viable alternatives to fossil fuels are either low-tech or nuclear fusion. Low-tech is a non-starter. And it’s interesting how environmentalists, the fossil fuels industry, and “green energy” industries collude to prevent nuclear fusion from happening.

Unlike most racists and anti-racists alike, I recognize the concept of transracialism (“Hail Dolezal!). Transracialism is the bridge away from the racism/anti-racism dichotomy toward post-racism. Under an ethos of post-racism, racism/anti-racism would be no different than chocolate vs vanilla, pizza vs. Thai food, football vs baseball, heavy metal vs hip hop, or blonde vs. red vs. brunette.

We might even consider embracing the rise of multipolarity rather than pushing “anarcho-NATOism” like the Breadtube crowd.

The world has returned to the multipolar order and class polarization of the 19th century. Humanity cannot survive a repeat of the 20th century. The time has come for Anarchism, the alternative to liberal democracy and left/right authoritarianism.

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  1. > Red brown alliances

    This is nothing but a Leftist fantasy.

    First, there are no “Browns.” Calling everyone racialized as “white but not Jewish” unless they are fanatics for ruling class Leftist ideology a “fascist” is nothing but pure Left wing bigotry, almost always of the dumbest variety. Mussolini never said “merger of state and corporate power” – the Pothead Left’s particularly stupid misreading of Trotsky.

    Second there are no Reds on the Left anymore. The entire Left is merely low end academics not smart enough to get NGO jobs and the “punk rock subculture” for whites with shitty taste in music and mental illness, hence the facial piercings.

    The real Left, made up of actual Leftists, is nothing like their narcissistic self-conception. Once you stop playing into their cult like views of themselves what they actually ARE is quite obvious.

    (but muh both sides! Right wingers who fancy themselves independent producers typically are just proles who aren’t micromanaged as much as the other proles.)

    This is the failure of the entire project, keeping up this fantasy of what the Left is. Stop playing along and the entire Left are just white Democrats working patronage jobs – at best, pothead punks who never matured past about 15 more often.

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