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Why They Don’t Need To Take Away Your Guns


I feel lazy creating a Substack that is going to consist almost entirely of what someone else wrote but what I’m going to share is powerful and goes to the title above. I do understand that in my podcast much of what I present to the audience is people who have information they may not have a chance to hear elsewhere so I’ll just consider this as such.

Many reading this own firearms. Some of you may own many. One thing I know is that most gun owners hide how many they have more jealously than they do their net worth. BUT, if those in charge of this ‘anarcho-tyranny’ just make it illegal for you to use those guns, even in a defensive manner, then they may as well be scrap metal. Especially if in the process they are making it legal for their apparatchiks to use all manner of violence that a firearm is best suited to defend against.


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