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End Of The NEOCONS? Some Republicans In Congress OPPOSE Ukraine-Russia Proxy War

They’re trying to make a comeback in 2024. It is the most immediate danger we face.

Politics editor at the Washington Examiner, Jim Antle, makes the case that GOP opposition to U.S. intervention in the war in Ukraine demonstrates the anti-war future of the ‘New Right.’

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  1. This ‘War’! ‘You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet,,,, these leaders should be imprisoned! All who ‘r imbibing in this global torture chamber should be punished! But no,,of course not,,,, we like killing babies ‘n children- , it’s for the Globalist cause! ‘n after all, look what is done here at home / babies,,, morals? What ‘r ‘Morals’ compared to accepting the New World? Well, it’s called “the Greater Good”,,, somehow, that doesn’t roll off my tongue like it does ‘good ole Joe’s, ‘n the rest of ‘them!’ ,,,,

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