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Religious Extremists Mix Trump Worship With Christian Nationalism

Mehdi Hasan looks at how religious extremists in the Christian nationalist movement have cast Donald Trump as a messianic figure and threaten to make democracy secondary to empowering Donald Trump as an expression of divine will. 

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  1. How wrong ‘u ‘r! We certainly don’t worship Pres. Trump! We honor him- which he desrves! He gave us 4 yrs of calm, hope for future , ‘n another 4 yrs with him would have headed us into an educational Culture for our children ‘n ‘r Country,,,,,, thanks to The stupid wok ‘n traitorous DC Dems ‘n Rhinos ‘n Pence, they won’t have that,,,, Our Hope? That God will step in ‘n interphere with their evil plans – They will pay,,,

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