Month: May 2022

Where is the conflict in Ukraine headed?

The Signal Where is the conflict in Ukraine headed? Chris Miller on the path dependencies, possible outcomes, and fraught psychology of a still-uncertain struggle. Pexels Despite attacking Ukraine with some 150,000 soldiers from the north, south, and east on February 24, Russian armed forces haven’t been able to oust […]

Rising: May 31, 2022 Full Show

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss legislation that could put a national freeze on handgun purchases in Canada, and President Joe Biden’s visit to Uvalde, Texas. Robby Soave is incredulous at the shortcomings in Uvalde police officers’ response to last week’s school shooting. Kim Iversen breaks down […]

Peak Inflation or Peak Dollar?

By Stefan Gleason Talk of “peak inflation” is helping to drive investor inflows back into stock and bond markets. As the narrative goes, inflation readings have hit their highs for the year. The Federal Reserve will hike rates until monetary policy “normalizes,” then declare victory over the very […]

Inflation: the Savings Angle

by Peter Zeihan on May 31, 2022 Between the Ukraine war, supply chain shortages, energy shocks, and government policy that probably spent too much money for too long a period of time, Americans are feeling the pinch of ever-higher inflation on an ever-broadening array of goods. The question […]