Month: April 2022

Russia’s Natural Gas Strategy

Moscow has begun limiting natural gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria as Russia seeks to increase energy pressure on Europe. Ostensibly these moves are to encourage European buyers of natural gas to pay their bills in rubles. But Russia has a longer-term goal in mind. Many private players […]

Breaking Points: 4/30/22 Full UNCUT Mini Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about Amazon subsidies, Obama dropped from Spotify, Teen mental health, worker history, corporate price gouging, US vs China, hearing aid monopoly, media’s Musk freakout, & More! We apologize for the delay, and enjoy the show! THE LEVER: Matt Stoller: James Li:… […]

Rising: April 29, 2022

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky take a look back at the week’s biggest stories. Ryan Grim encourages Elon Musk to address weaknesses in how Twitter protects its users’ communications and data. Emily Jashinsky makes the case that the Biden administration’s proposed changes to how the Department of Education […]

The pretend proletariat

By Samuel Goldman The Week What are the sources of political instability? Conventional wisdom holds that unrest starts at the bottom. It makes sense, that those who derive the fewest benefits from a particular order would want the biggest changes. Freedom, as the song goes, is just another […]

When Will They Cancel Karl Marx?

By Andrew Sullivan Never, of course. On the revealing double standards of the woke left. Discrediting a thinker’s broad worldview or legacy by discovering some statement from the distant past revealing him or her to be a bigot by today’s standards is a depressing degeneration in our intellectual […]


By Peter Krause and guest contributor Nils Hägerdal Political Violence at a Glance The crescendo of missile and drone strikes into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are just the latest in a growing trend turning civil wars into international ones: blowback, or violent retaliation at home in response to intervention abroad. Civil war is […]

What Solzhenitsyn Understood

By Gary Saul Morson, New York Review of Books Detecting the same incompetence and self-satisfaction among the liberals of the Provisional Government in 1917 and the reformers of the post-Soviet era in the 1990s, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn feared another descent into authoritarian rule. For Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, no literary form […]

Was Emancipation Constitutional?

By James Oakes, New York Review of Books In The Broken Constitution, Noah Feldman argues that the Confederate states had a constitutional right to secede and that Lincoln violated the Constitution in forcing them back into the Union and freeing the slaves. Noah Feldman, the Felix Frankfurter Professor […]

Russia’s Challenges in the Ukraine War

By Peter Zeihan on April 29, 2022 Russia and its military have lagged considerably behind the Ukrainians in several categories: logistics, communications, and especially in metabolizing and deploying new technology, such as drones. It is especially in this latter instance where Kyiv has shown a remarkable nimbleness over Moscow. […]

Savor the Great Musk Panic

By Matt Taibbi On drinking the delicious tears of blue-check hypocrites, who’ve suddenly discovered the perils of a privatized speech landscape. The New York Times earlier this week ran a guest essay by Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers, fulminating about Elon Musk’s effort to purchase Twitter. She wrote: […]

Pentagon-Backed “Newsguard” Threatening YouTube’s Anti-War Voices

An organization called Newsguard Technology has taken to evaluating traditional and independent news organizations and rating the outlets for their trustworthiness and independence from outside influence. The only problem? Newsguard is itself controlled by national security apparatchiks, former administration officials and others with decided biases of their own. […]