Month: March 2022

Breaking Points: 3/31/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar break down the latest Ukraine war updates, Biden invoking the Defense Production Act and strategic petroleum reserve, Hunter Biden corruption details, CNN+ failed launch, Madison Cawthorn’s claims of DC degeneracy, home ownership becoming unattainable, America’s military future, and one year of the Warrior Met Coal […]

Geopolitics As Culture War

By Richard Heathen, The Heartland Traditionalist In recent years America has become increasingly divided as the culture war evermore is the battle ground of domestic politics. Yet, it isn’t just domestic politics where America’s elites are championing a cultural revolution. Whether Republican or Democrat successive US administrations are […]

National Populism at War

By Russell Berman, Telos One of the surprising aspects of the Ukraine War is that it came as a surprise. After the devastation that Russia wreaked in Chechnya, after the invasion of Georgia, after the occupation of Crimea—and the list goes on: after Russia’s complicity in the destruction […]

EXCLUSIVE: Now Washington Post reverses course! Paper joins NYT in finally admitting Hunter Biden’s laptop IS REAL

By Josh Boswell For The Washington Post finally admitted  Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, nine months after first receiving a copy of the hard drive  The newspaper made a u-turn in an piece published Wednesday, after months of publishing articles suggesting the laptop could be Russian disinformation   […]

Left-Wing YouTubers Co-opted By Security State

Caleb Maupin is the author of “BreadTube Serves Imperialism: Examining The New Brand of Internet Pseudo-Socialism,” a book describing the ways left leaning YouTubers have been co-opted and manipulated by elite interests to shepherd anti-establishment and revolutionary energy back toward the center and into traditional, corporatist outlets like […]

Rising, 3/30/2022 Full Show

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss former President Trump’s calls on Vladimir Putin to release dirt on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Ryan Grim calls out members of the Western media who don’t want to see the Russian invasion of Ukraine end. Robby Soave points out Disney’s hypocrisy in […]

The End of Citizenship

Americans, most of whom couldn’t find either Ukraine or Russia on the map, are getting worked up about Ukraine because the media and other entities of cultural production are telling them to do so. The “liberal” media (CNN, MSMBC), “centrist media” (ABC, CBS, NBC), and “conservative” media (FOX, […]

The Bush-Biden Doctrine

By Sohrab Ahmari, The American Conservative Much has been made of Joe Biden’s instantly reversed call for regime change in Moscow. Speaking in Warsaw, the president said of Vladimir Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” The words sent his staffers scrambling to cleanup on […]