Breaking Points: 1/20/22 Full UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar talk about Biden’s press conference, charges brought against Trump, drone strike footage, Marianne Williamson’s comments about the two party system, NPR’s discredited SCOTUS reporting, late stage neoliberalism, wall street capturing the housing market, an anti-trust outlook with Matt Stoller, and more!
Timestamps: Biden: 0:0022:10 Trump 2024: 22:1131:14 Drone Strike: 31:1541:01 Marianne: 41:0249:49 NPR: 49:5057:23 Krystal: 57:241:08:05 Saagar: 1:08:061:17:09 Matt Stoller: 1:17:101:36:40

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