Call In Q & A – A Lefty Biden 2024 Challenger?

A caller praised AOC as “having something special,” and that sky’s the limit for HER. That’s the key – individual success, HER rising in power. AOC was a staffer for Ted Kennedy, her original congressional staff, who were from her campaign, were let go so she could hire Dem staff insiders. She’s realized that she doesn’t have to DO anything as long as she has a loyal Instagram fan base to buy her merch and act as guard dogs against frustrated & angry Leftists. She’s a show pony and not a work horse. She appeals to Imperialist Libs, who may support Left policy, but in the end, their lives are comfy enough that they don’t as yet NEED those policies to become reality. So AOC flim-flamming & crying about how mean Leftist are to the poor little “bartender from Brooklyn,” is not only slippery, it’s infuriating. She’s a con who believes her own Hollywood publicist story.

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