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Breadtube Serves Imperialism (feat. Caleb Maupin)

I don’t agree with the rosy view of Communism held by these folks, but their discussion of the role of intelligence services in creating a faux left is interesting, along with their on-the-money discussion of intra-ruling class divisions. The main thing that is missing from their analysis is their discussion of the relationship between Communism itself and Western finance, although their discussion of the “manipulation of anti-imperialist forces” is moving in the right direction. If they keep going with this, they will be in the Antony Sutton orbit. The general analytical framework of these folks is good, but they need the Bakuninist critique of Marxism and Sutton’s critique of the relationship between Communist regimes and Western capital and technology. Predictably, some of their analysis of fascism is problematic, although their critique of present-day “anti-fascism” is on the mark. Interestingly, their dismissal of “zero-sum game” approaches to economics mirrors those of libertarians. The discussion of Margaret Sanger, Malthusianism, and “occultism” in left-wing circles sounds almost religious right.

Caleb Maupin of the Center for Political Innovation and author of “Breadtube Serves Imperialism” explains how left-sounding rhetoric and people get used to serve the current power structure. BUY AND READ THE BOOK: https://amzn.to/2TTQlkL

Peter Coffin on Twitter: "both of these images of "breadtube" are pretend"  / Twitter

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  1. Other than his apologetics for Commies and his really bad economics he’s pretty good. He is basically saying the same thing about the New Left that Paleocons have been saying about NeoCons, ie National Review is a CIA op.
    Perhaps we should call him a PaleoCom.

    • It has always been obvious that the Buckleyites were a front for the intelligence services, in collusion with Sunbelt industries for whom anti-communism and anti-social democracy were a priority and who wanted to challenge the hegemony of the northeastern establishment in the ruling class. Buckley was an actual employee of the CIA as was the founder of neoconservatism, Irving Kristol, who was the director of the Congress of Cultural Freedom. It’s obvious why the Buckleyites and neocons eventually became partners.

  2. And this didn’t start with bread tube. Left anarchism and the New Left eye already co-opted by the intelligence agencies to be useful cultural retards. Maupin himself explains this.

    • Yes, Bread Tube is just the latest round of all that. It’s interesting that icons of the American New Right and American New Left like Buckley and Gloria Steinem were former CIA employees.

      • What’s funny is that even though this is basically public knowledge, and often admitted by the parties, this is all a ‘conspiracy theory’ to Conservatism Inc and the liberal establishment. Because anything they haven’t seen on television never happened.
        Yet they congratulate themselves on being so much more critical and not falling for the lies that their enemy Tribe does.
        I have talked to a lot of Chinese people, and I have to say that Americans are far more ignorant and bigoted. I can explain to Chinese people, who got far more fucked by Japan than Murica, why America shouldn’t have attacked Japan and they’re perfectly willing to listen – they often agree. But tell that to a normie American of either Tribe and it’s all MUHFASHISM was gonna conquer the WORLD.
        It’s also funny how American conservatives won’t admit how backward and ineffective the Soviet military was, even though they parrot memes about bread lines. I don’t know how they can hold both ideas in their mind simultaneously, either communism is trash or it’s not. Soviets were only a threat to smaller countries as backward as they were.
        On the topic of the CIA, the BoomerCons have schizophrenia on the whole topic because they’ve become upset with ‘the deep state’ and yet support coups all over the world to fight communism.
        As far as I can tell every country that had a CIA anti-socialist coup is now socialist or social democratic. And the most rightist states in Europe and Asia were formerly communist (with the exception of Singapore, which has mandatory tolerance, an odd rule for fascists).

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