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‘You gotta say it’: Trump goes after the ‘gutless’ politicians who withhold their booster status

By Brigid Kennedy, The Week

Former President Donald Trump doesn’t think very highly of politicians who refuse to admit they’ve received a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, it seems.

During an interview with the far-right One America News Network that aired Tuesday, Trump described politicos who dodge questions about their booster status as “gutless,” Mediaite reports.

When asked by OAN host Dan Ball if he has reconsidered his recent positive vaccine rhetoric, as well his “view on the vaccine in general,” Trump replied, “Well, I’ve taken it.”

“I’ve had the booster,” he said. “Many politicians — I watched a couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get the booster?’  — because they had the vaccine — and they’re answering like in other words, the answer is ‘yes’ but they don’t want to say it. Because they’re gutless.”


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  1. How do ‘u feel about the grandchildren getting the injections ? Many of us object to putting ‘foreign objects’ into our children, etc. We listen to ‘ur opinions, although we ‘r pushing for ‘ur next Presidency agenda again ,,, We have so many other concerns in our country – including the last ‘unfair’ election , ‘n knowing the goals of the NWO – Soros ‘n Pelosi , etc. makes us question everything ,,, except ‘u,,,, Thank ‘u ‘n God bless

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