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Fascism and Futurism Forever by Gio

By Futurism

My political journey has been abnormal compared to most people I’ve met in the online “Third Position” community. So I’ll start by divulging a bit about my background.

When I was 15 or 16 I heard The Feeding of the 5000 by Crass for the first time. I had been into punk music for a few years at this point starting with bands like Rancid, NOFX and Blink 182, and eventually moving on to Black Flag, Bad Brains and the Exploited, but nothing had prepared me up to that point for Crass. The rough, primitive and noisy sounds were certainly like nothing I had ever heard before, but what really stood out was the lyrics. Delivered in a thick British accent by Steve Ignorant, his lyrics were outraged and full of disgust but with a passionate belief that a better world was possible despite the seeming hopelessness of the situations we might find ourselves in. Something about it just really resonated with me on a visceral level. I soon learned that Crass were Anarchists.

The context of this is it is 2002. 9/11 has just happened, the War on Terror is in full swing, I’m starting to become politicized but haven’t really figured what to think about what I saw going on around me. This was my political awakening. Discovering Anarchism through Crass begins to give me some direction and understanding of the world I found myself in. I began reading the well known Anarchist figures like Mikhail Bakunin and Emma Goldman and sorting out what I agreed with and what I didn’t.


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  1. My own interest in fascism comes from revisionist anti-imperialist history, a critical rejection of democratic political ideology, and an appreciation for corporatist and syndicalist organizations as a way to retain autonomy and reject atomized consumerist retardation. Fascism basically failed, and didn’t always have the brightest plans in practice. Nationalism and nation states are Jacobin ideas, although fascist theory does try to undermine this somewhat with corporatist measures.
    Most of the reasons people dislike and reject fascism are bad reasons (Commies and equality freaks) or false reasons (libertarians who think it’s socialist and all about killing people for no reason). People’s opinions on Fascism are a pretty good barometer on how lazy and uncritical they are at forming opinions.
    There are also the fake fascist WigNat retards, who think it’s a funny meme and idolize their noxious imaginary version of it as dictator genocide man, and these people are even more useless than the fascism haters.
    My ideal city state would basically be a combination of corporate company town, medieval aristocratic principality and Fascist panopticon. Do when libtards and socialists scream that “anarcho capitalism is just fascist feudalism!” I say, ‘yes’.

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