The Libertarian Party Is Not About ‘Education’ – And Can Never Be

By Peter R Quinones

In January of 2020 I was happy to keep trudging along in my podcasting and theorizing about a fantasyland that will never exist: Ancapistan. A magical place where all property is private and the currency is what you want it to be. Reality finally set in for me. What I didn’t know was what a slur the word “reality” was to so many. Mention its derivative “real,” and add “world” to it, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard from 1,000 miles away. It appears that when one has created their utopia (heh) and decided that it could one day exist, shooting holes in that belief is the ideological equivalent of drawing pictures of Muhammad.

On to the clickbaity title of this post… or is it?

I have come to the conclusion that the Libertarian Party (LP) is good for nothing except providing a platform for a bunch of unremarkable people to attain status within a fringe group. And to be fair I experience this often. If I attend a libertarian event, many people thank me for the show or maybe want to take a picture together. Then I walk across the street to a supermarket and no one knows who I am, thankfully. But I don’t do this for fame and glory. If I wanted to, I could pander to larger groups or maybe even individuals who have incredible wealth like the Wilks or remaining Koch brother. But I do still have an ideological goal. I’m just not as rigid as I used to be about how it is to be attained.


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  1. The Libertarian Party is retarded. But I also think political activism is basically pointless. Mass society cannot be meaningfully controlled by anyone, and the best option is to go somewhere you dislike less. The idea of making a difference is born of ape hunter gatherer tribes well under the Dunbar number. If society does improve, somewhere somehow, it will basically be an accident.
    Georges Palante saw this a century ago, misanthropic pessimism is the objectively correct view.

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