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  1. Economic Leftist 54%
    Social Conservative 61%
    Civil Libertarian 69%
    Antistatist 92%
    Antimilitarist 100%

    As with all political quizzes I reject some of their hidden premises. I think that a reasonably voluntary/small scale community can have a panopticon and that this isn’t ‘statism’. I believe private communities could and would control people’s behavior, including drugs, legitimately. The ‘raw libertarian’ presumption of liberty only applies on neutral territory and can and probably should be subject to more specific controls in particular groups. The kind of libertarian societies I like – authoritarian corporative cities, with strict citizenship, heavily armed security and cameras everywhere, corporal punishment or, alternatively, ethnically and religiously homogeneous societies written a hereditary warrior caste – are not less libertarian just because these pencil belief, degenerate urbanite faggots hate their parents and want to smoke pot all day.

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