Month: January 2022

What Progressives Did to Cities

A polemical shot from the “Flight 93” guy over the growing battle between the urban lumpenproletariant and urban bourgeoisie. What nearly all commentators on these issues, whether conservatives like Anton, centrist-liberals like Schellenberger, or far-left “defund the police” types never seem to understand is that this is what […]

Breaking Points: 1/31 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar break down the Ukrainian leadership’s discontent with hawkish media, liberal dark money, polling on covid and SCOTUS, a convoy of Truckers protesting in Canada, NBC News hiring more neocons, Rogan’s response to Spotify, railway workers getting railroaded, Joe Rogan vs hedge funds, the stock market […]

Kropotkin’s dead goose

An interesting critique of Kropotkin and anarcho-communism from the neocon magazine The New Criterion. Reading the list of names associated with this publication is a “Yikes!” moment. Of all the scams the neocons have pulled off, one of the most successful has been the way they present themselves […]

Natural Gas and Ukraine

Russia has maintained a threatening posture against Ukraine, including maintaining approximately 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border. The United States and the United Kingdom have taken the lead in crafting a set of financial sanctions they are threatening to levy against Russia in the case of any aggression. […]

The Drug War Ruins Lives, Part 2,644

Tom Woods Show Libertarian city council member Cara Schulz left her audience spellbound at a recent meeting during a discussion of chronic pain sufferers. Doctors are having their hands tied and people with unbearable pain can’t get the care they need because the authorities pretend they’re looking out […]

Tucker Carlson Today – Jimmy Dore

The Synthetic Left is going to go nuts over this: “Red-Brown Alliance! Strasserism! Nazbols!” This is great stuff.  Carlson seems to be straddling the fence between being a professional culture war propagandist for the right-wing of the ruling class and actual serious criticisms of the system. Interesting. The […]

The prison beyond the law

The Week Staff The U.S. has been holding terrorism suspects at Guantánamo Bay for 20 years. Will the camp ever close? Here’s everything you need to know: Why was Guantánamo created? The military detention facility first called Camp X-Ray was built in three days in early January 2002, […]

Mind Games: What is the “Havana Syndrome” that’s been afflicting U.S. diplomats since 2016?

The Signal What is the “Havana Syndrome” that’s been afflicting U.S. diplomats since 2016? Robert Baloh on the range of explanations—and how well the evidence now supports them. The mysterious ailment afflicting U.S. diplomats around the world—the “Havana syndrome”—is, according to a report released by the Central Intelligence Agency […]