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  1. I do not understand the failure of all elected persons in Washington that have access to everything going on – knowing what the future has planned for ‘us’ ‘n for the world – is not capable nor is honest enough, to come out w/ the Truth ! Cowardess has never been an asset, nor will it lessen the desire to fight for ‘right This will not end well – and the wrong people may win,,, however, the one really in charge is not here on earth -yet-,,,Trump’s people’ will fight for right- that includes me- At 100 yrs old and still on my feet- treadmill every day-lol- walking ‘n working w/out even a cane, these so-called Soros-Elitists gangs may put me down, but I’ll go down fighting w/ my American Flag in my arms – yelling for people to keep fighting,,,,

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