Sorry, Ancaps, but An-Coms and An-Syns are Anarchists

A reader writes:

I get so annoyed by anarcho-sectarianism.

I have always thought anSyndics are anarchists. I love Sorel. Mises calls it pseudo socialism and worker’s capitalism, so I don’t know why it triggers so many libertarians, except that they haven’t read Mises and are wedded to defending capitalism as it exists. Also just hating lefties. While it’s true that a lot of anSyndics are crypto-welfare statists, it’s hardly fair to judge a theory by its basic bitch moron advocates. If we did that we’d have to conclude libertarians are actually NeoCons, because of all the Randroids, Sowellians, and Eric Donderos. AnSyndics are basically just cartel advocates, which is something they hate to be told but is true in terms of economic analysis. It’s not that different from the Hanseatic league guilds, which LOLBerts love.

I think AnComs tend to be retarded and basically just anarcho-progressives, but there’s an argument that a very wealthy society of federated communes could have large commons and internal capital allocation without violating the economic calculation requirements. This isn’t that different from the Koch industries with worker ownership, employer provided Healthcare, company towns and pensions.

These people hate each other for cultural reasons, but you can pretty readily reduce most theoretical forms of anarchism into the theory of firms and private cities which wouldn’t be impossible even assuming Austrian economics.

It gets even simpler with mutualists, who are just anCaps with a bad theory of interest. But they’re so intent on distinguishing themselves from anCaps that they can’t even talk to each other most of the time, which is hilarious because Bastiat and Proudhon were usually in agreement.
Cultural tribalism, as you point out, has made it impossible for people to communicate or be logical about things because they’re more interested in signaling to their clique than actually understanding anything. This is one of the main problems with democracy, it gives propaganda outlets an incentive to politicize people who probably don’t know enough to hold opinions. It reminds me of the fanatical Christians who don’t read the Bible or Calvin but insist that Catholics are all Satanists.

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  1. While I agree with this sentiment, it really goes 90% in the other direction. Ancaps, in my experience, are far more open to acknowledging other types of anarchism than ancoms and others. There is a more mainstream push in this direction too. Last time I checked, wikipedia doesn’t include anarcho-capitalism on its overall anarchism page anymore and the page for anarcho-capitalism specifically says that it is NOT an accepted form of anarchism. Sectarianism is stupid, but we should hit the biggest culprits first.

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