Month: December 2021

Krystal Kyle & Friends | Chris Hedges

Christopher Lynn Hedges is an American journalist, Presbyterian minister, author and television host. He has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, Dallas Morning News, and The New York Times, where he was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years (1990–2005) and reported from more than fifty countries. Hedges […]

The Problem with “Left vs. Right”

By Gary Galles Mises Institute As a libertarian, I have long objected to being characterized on a left-right political spectrum (as with studies of political affiliations that group libertarians with republicans or conservatives on the right). In response to inquiries about where I fit in that framework, over […]

Still Fighting Against the Odds

Crimethinc n Greece, the right-wing New Democracy government came to power in summer 2019, initiating a campaign of repression targeting refugees and the anarchist movement. The following spring, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Greece, enabling New Democracy to clamp down yet further. Yet anarchists have shown considerable resilience, shifting […]

America: Love It Or Leave It

By Kaia Hubbard, US News and World Report Long-standing political divisions within states are being heightened in a hyper-partisan climate, fueling secession movements across the country as walking away is looking easier than coming together. When three rural Maryland counties recently threatened to secede from the state, citing […]

BBC Apologizes for Interviewing Alan Dershowitz About Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

By Lindsey Ellefson Yahoo News! The BBC apologized Thursday for a Wednesday segment that featured Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, discussing the guilty verdicts against Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. In addition to previously representing Epstein, who died in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, Dershowitz […]

2 decades of right turns

By Bonnie Kristian, The Week This article is part of The Week‘s 20th anniversary section, looking back at how the world has changed since our first issue was published in April 2001. Saint Paul considered himself an “apostle to the Gentiles” though he did not number among them, […]

Anarcho-Fascism: It’s a Joke, but Not Always

By AntiBoomerEquation Prophet Battlestone’s Amysterium Those who put any effort into studying historical fascism will know that it was associated with syndicalism (worker self-management of industries) and corporatism (as in medieval or Roman society, where the different orders have representation on government and self regulation of affairs). It […]