Is Tulsi Gabbard Gearing Up For a 2024 Presidential Run as a REPUBLICAN?

Tulsi is definitely working the Republican angle these days. I’m curious to see what her endgame is going to me. I’m thinking she may make a formal switch to the GOP at some point and position herself to be a potential successor to Trump.
The future of conservatism in the US is not going to be the know-nothings that currently make up the “base,” the elderly rural and exurban populists and evangelicals who are rapidly dying out or shrinking in size. Eventually, all of that is going to go the same way as the George Wallace segregationists from the 1960s, meaning it will be relegated to the far fringes of US politics.
The future of conservatism is going to be stuff like #Walkaway, John McWhorter’s new FAIR project, the IDW’s new “non-woke university” project, the kinds of folks on the Dave Rubin show, the anti-woke minorities like Candace Owens, immigrants with “pro-American” attitudes (“My family fled socialism in wherever!”), cop-lovers like Heather MacDonald, Israel Firsters like the circle around Dennis Prager (Rubin, Shapiro, etc). I could see Tulsi becoming very popular in a “conservative” milieu of this kind.
As long as she’s pro-Israel and doesn’t embrace anti-capitalism in any kind of serious or sincere way, she would probably be welcome in the Republican Party, because they care about nothing else other than plutocrats’ tax rates and preserving the “Zionist entity.”
Here’s the thing about Tulsi: She is a Hindu nationalist first, and her real objective is to forge an alliance between America and India against Islam. Her real opinions about domestic US politics seem to be those of a moderate liberal, maybe with some populist leanings. In that respect, she’s not much different from US Jews who are moderate liberals, marginally social democratic in their core opinions but who are fanatically pro-Israel. The main thing that I like about her is her opposition to the US alliance with the Gulf States as well as the neocons’ regime change wars, which she has been pretty consistent about, although her Iranophobia is troubling.

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