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A Skeptical Observer’s Tour of Modern Feminism

Tom Woods Show

Paula Wright joins us to discuss feminism in its various forms, and what if anything it commits people to other than equal access to opportunities for women


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  1. In today’s world women ‘‘r their own worst enemy ! So sad – too bad – Our enemy-yes, ‘our’ enemy has guided ‘ur every move,,, ‘u think white men ‘r the.only thing they ‘r going to do away with? ha. ,,,,’ur enemy doesn’t care which color dies -just how many,,,, Then what happens ? Don’t expect the Elites to explain to ‘u ,,,, They ‘played’ us well,, ‘n things are moving right along – thanks to everyone’s’ cooperation,,,,’n stupidity ,,, One day ‘u will wake up ‘n ask “where did all the children go? “. ‘N they will be producing there own, upon demand,,,(red head or blond?),, ‘n ‘u thought ‘u were sooo smart! ,,, I guess ‘u have to be smart to ‘b anElite , Like a fox,,,

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