Month: November 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer reveals defense strategy: The Bible, ‘manipulated’ victims and a ‘scapegoat’

By Ben Feuerherd and Tamar Lapin New York Post Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense attorneys on Monday portrayed her as a scapegoat being accused  because of “the bad behavior of men,”  — one in particular — since prosecutors never had a chance to put late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on trial. Her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, […]

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew named-dropped during Epstein pilot testimony

By Ben Feuerherd and Tamar Lapin New York Post Prince Andrew and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were among the high-profile men to get name-dropped Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial in Manhattan. Maxwell’s defense attorney quizzed Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime former pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. […]

House members descend into a Twitter brouhaha after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Rep. Nancy Mace as ‘the trash in the GOP conference’

By Grace Panetta Insider House GOP members descended into an intraparty Twitter quarrel on Tuesday morning, which was sparked by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene denouncing her colleague Rep. Nancy Mace as “the trash in the GOP conference” and pushing Islamophobic stereotypes by accusing the South Carolina lawmaker of […]

Breaking Points: 11/30/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar provide their perspective on Biden’s booster shot plan, Fauci’s outrageous comments, Twitter’s new CEO, unionization at Amazon, Chris Cuomo’s coverup, Waukesha massacre memory-hole, Hillary Clinton’s legacy, why conservatives are happier, and more! Merch: Support Waukesha victims:…… Brad Wilcox’s Article:… Brad Wilcox’s […]

Realignment Conference Part II: Centralization vs. Decentralization & the Future of Populism

Watch part one: Today we’re featuring excerpts from our Realignment conference in Miami. The James Madison Institute’s Andrea O’Sullivan and Wired’s Gilad Edelman on the tensions between centralization and decentralization will define tech and politics. American Affairs’s Julius Krein, American Compass’s Wells King, and the Niskanen Center’s […]

Rightwing Multiculturalism Explained

By Robert Stark I have advocated for a version of multiculturalism, which could be called Rightwing Multiculturalism, in that it is an alternative to the divisive woke version of multiculturalism. I would describe Rightwing Multiculturalism as the idea that many groups can coexist and respect one another while […]

These three firms own corporate America

By Jan Fichtner, Eelke Heemskerk, and Javier Garcia-Bernardo, The Conversation A fundamental change is underway in stock market investing, and the spin-off effects are poised to dramatically impact corporate America. In the past, individuals and large institutions mostly invested in actively managed mutual funds, such as Fidelity, in […]

Everything to Know About Ghislaine Maxwell

By Amanda Arnold and Bindu Bansinath The Cut The long-awaited sex-trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a former girlfriend and longtime associate of the disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, begins November 29 in New York. Maxwell was arrested by the FBI on charges related to Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring in June […]